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What Are You Doing over Easter?

Off to visit Patchwork Direct at Darley Dale,Moda,Kaffe Fasset gorgeous fabrics ! Plus all acc.needed for sewing,patchwork.knitting !
Busy Easter Sunday at Chesterfield Artisan with live music,fabulous African food stall and much more!
Easter Monday at Buxton Pavillion a Gardens a Marquee
Have a Lovely Easter Everyone​:chicken::hatching_chick::chicken::hatching_chick::chicken::hatching_chick:

Sounds exciting. Happy shopping and good luck with your two events!
Di :bouquet: :rabbit::rabbit:

Having a major stressy!
My husband is supposed to be going to France tomorrow night/Monday morning to do some work on our house.
However the (NEW) car he is supposed to be going in has been in the garage all week, because last Saturday it told me to stop because oil pressure was too low. Oil level was fine.
He has cleaned out the filter, sump, changed a “switch” behind the alternator and cant find anything obvious wrong with it, but doesn’t advise he drives it to France. We have taken it for a couple of drives and the beeping and stop warnings seem to be worse!!
Mark has been researching on the web and this seems to be a common problem with this car.
And to top it all off we have storm Katy coming and the channel is predicted to have 70mph winds in the early hours of Monday morning!! :fearful: :frowning: :rage: :worried:

oh my that doesn’t good :frowning:

Easter is pretty busy for us. We went to the Maundy Thursday service in the evening, Then the Good Friday service which was then followed by the Flash Mob in the town centre. I was bit nervous about singing but the sound was amazing and I believe it’s now on youtube.
Then I had band practise in the evening, but I did make a few more hand made envelopes of my shop.
DH had a techicial rehearsal early this morning for tomorrow and the Church sound system had a feedback hum, so that took a while to sort out.
We are planning on a relaxing for the rest of the day, expect DH has to remove this new edition of Word from my new laptop and replace it with my old version which is so easier thus faster to use. Easter Sunday we are both on duty for the two services

Monday we will have lunch out I think and generally relax. If the weather is good I might get part of my veggie plot dung over.

The weather here in Somerset is wild - some rain but mostly very strong winds. Been like it for a couple of hours and set to continue for a few more. It’s heading east so nail everything down!

Hope you all have a safe weekend.

We had a lazy family day on Friday as I’ve been marking til midnight all this week (I had a run of almost 50x 1000 word essays to mark! They were on patient centred care, informal caring and prevention versus cure) and dh has been away at 3 shows in 2 weeks to promote his start up business (a dog activity monitor, a sort of fitbit for dogs). So I crocheted and designed all day yesterday whilst the boys read, and dh got some DIY done.
Today I have crocheted and am now about to continue my own essay, for my Masters in Education.
Tomorrow will be church followed by vegging out with a board game and perhaps a film.

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I’m spending Easter Sunday manning the Craft Kiln down here in Cornwall. I started selling my illustrations at the Craft Kiln a couple of months ago and it’s run as a co-operative, so we each spend one day a week running the shop. If anyone’s in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello in person. We’re based in Charlestown, next to the harbour carpark PL25 3NJ.


My original plan was food shopping with a friend on Friday, we usually so Saturdays, followed by afternoon tea and the rest of the weekend creating and relaxing, plus a class set of tests to mark? Instead had to keep breaking from shopping to be sick, came straight home and back to bed. Am keeping things down now but rather weak and feeble, a pair of concerned cats monitoring me the whole time. No idea what happened but would like the lingering headache to clear off, another isotonic may stop it. Hoping to feel up to hot food by tomorrow as my friend invited me to Easter Sunday dinner with her family. A dozen necklaces lie unfinished on my work table…

oh yuk Paula@pryasondesigns I do hope you get a good nights sleep and feel better tomorrow.

Well the weather just got worse and worse so I spent the most of the afternoon making myself a small Junk journal the cover isn’t completed and it’s not sewn together yet but it’s nearly done.

We are siting in front of the tv now and waiting for dinner to cook.

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Will def come n see your Craft Kiln if we’re down in Cornwall this year😄

Weathers given thunderstorms at the Chest Artisan ! May not be busy :smile::smile:

Gorgeous sunny morning here has been suddenly replaced by winds, rain and thunder! Going to the farm for lambing will have to wait for tomorrow. My two were up at 6 (luckily 7 BST) for their Easter eggs. :astonished: My making energy seems to have disappeared with the sun and all I want to do now is cuddle up in front of a movie . . . but it’s not even the afternoon!

The weather is not good here in Liverpool, so l am making an attempt to tidy my craft room up, had a problem with some draws in my wooden storage unit, the rails keep falling out, so the plan is to rearrange everything, most likely won’t be able to find anything then.
I share my room with my daughter who is a trainee teacher, and she has all sorts of stuff all over the place.

A lazy day for me, dinner , tv, chocolate, and that great british pastime… watching the weather :slight_smile:
There has been a bit of a battle going on today…It started off sunny here,:sunny: then we had rain and wind,:sweat_drops: then the sun appeared from behind the clouds.:partly_sunny:
But it didn’t last long, the rain and wind chased it away :cloud_rain: :cloud_tornado: but the sun is strong and fought back, the sky is now a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds :sunny: :cloud:
But… If I look into the distance I can see a grey cloud looming :dash: so I think the rain is preparing for round 3. The only good thing about all these changes is the chance of seeing a rainbow or two :rainbow: :rainbow:

Great, hopefully see you there :slight_smile:

Paula I do hope you feel better soon. I too have been struck down with a “start of school holidays” bug :frowning: x

I am getting there thanks. I did retreat back to bed yesterday lunchtime til late afternoon. Stomach feels battered but I did have some of a lovely roast dinner at my friend’s place. Isn’t it a bummer to get ill the moment you are off work! Hope you are better soon too Danielle. I don’t break up til Friday and hope nothing else gets me before then, flu and chicken pox have hit my form!

I spent yesterday in a craft fair and most of today in the studio doing some product photography… I think I should have the day off tomorrow!

We are moving house and I’m also going to be renting an office(s) for my business yaay!

One room for my button/supplies business and one room for my sewing. Husband has the room above and we’ll be taking the dog to work with us.

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Working for most of Easter, except today which has been lovely. Back to work tomorrow though :frowning: