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What are you reading?

(Rachel) #382

Oh I have put that on my wish list :smiley:

(Linda Wild) #383

Hi all, thought I’d resurrect this post as I recently finished one of the books I received for Christmas (I got 7). It’s another fantasy novel - a little darker than some maybe, but an excellent read. I ordered the sequel which has just arrived … Yes, I know I’ve still got the other 6 books to read :wink:

Here’s the link so that you can read the synopsis

(Deborah Jones) #384

Love it when I find a new series to enjoy.
I have just spent a couple of days reading The girl who takes an eye for an eye - the 5th book with the Dragon tattoo characters. Really enjoyed it. Need to get back into my working routine now though, save reading for evenings only. Next book is Hot Milk by Deborah Levy

(Grimm Exhibition) #385

Finished The Revenant before Xmas, got Psycho for Xmas and finished that, tried a Suffragette book(but will get back to it)now reading The Day of the Triffids.

(Minerva) #386

Right now, I’m reading ‘Recipes for Life: My Memories’ by Linda Evans. It’s a biography with lots of recipes. It’s very interesting and pleasant to read. I’m hoping to try some of the recipes…

(Samantha Stanley) #387

At the risk of sounding a lot less cool than others on this thread, I am currently reading “Treasure of the Golden Grape-A Chesil Beach Wreck” by Selwyn Williams. This is a historical book about the sinking of a richly endowed cargo ship on Chesil Beach on the 11th December 1641, just six months or so before the outbreak of the English Civil War. Selwyn Williams is a diver and explorer of the old wrecks of Chesil Beach in Dorset and has pulled together evidence comprising his own finds, historical finds by others and first hand historical accounts (including legal transcripts from the Inquiry by the High Court of Admiralty) For those who have been following the Poldark saga on the BBC, this is a very interesting account of the sinking of a real treasure ship (gold, silver and sherry sack) and subsequent illegal salvaging of the contents by the locals. For anybody interested in the long view of Brexit, it is also an insight into life in an England caught between the heavy-weight powers of continental Europe (The Spanish and the Dutch in those days), which was being forced to live off the scraps.

Sam x

(Diane Keeble) #388

I’ve just finished Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz and am now reading The Seagull by Anne Cleaves which is her latest Vera book.

(Linda Wild) #389

I’ve only read the first three books, do the others live up to the originals?

(Deborah Jones) #390

Yes I think so, the new author has got a good feeling for Salander’s quirky nature ,so she does seem like the same character.
They are equally as hard to put down as the originals.

(Zoe Fowler) #391

I am reading “Chaos” by Patricia Cornwell. I have read all of her Kay Scarpetta books and I feel that I actually know all the characters personally.

(Beaniehats) #392

I am currently reading After the cabin by Amy Cross. I have just discovered this author and have already read 5 of her books.


I have been reading 4 of the books in the series of The Cotswold Mysteries by Rebeca Tope. The first two had our village pub in, and the disused canal and the busy pub by the famous Sapperton Tunnel and all the surrounding villages…It was completely accurate back in the 2000’s, bit late with catching up!!


I think I would love to read Anthony Horowitz, he is such s prolific writer. He likes Dorothy L Sayers, got the witty quips, so think may try The Magpie Murders next!

(Grimm Exhibition) #395

I can’t really get into an of my books at the moment so my niece has leant me Gangster granny, my dads(73) just read it and mums (74)reading Awful Auntie.

(Diane Keeble) #396

I just read another of his called The Word is Murder and that was good too x


Thanks Di I am aiming to read a bit more this year, I can be sewing or crocheting until passed midnight, even under a daylight bulb it’s not good for the eyes!! I am usually hidden under the covers reading iBooks trying not to wake the other half!!!

(Ali Dufty) #398

I tend to only manage to read at pre-sleep , so my choices are generally light fiction . I’m actually working my way through 'A Horseman Riding by ’ trilogy by RF Delderfield !! :nerd_face: ha ! Although quite young at the time , I seem to remember the BBC dramatized it ? we are talking wayyy wayyyy back !! I do love period dramas and I don’t mind admitting I am suffering Downton withdrawal :laughing::blush:

(Tina Martin) #399

After reading a few thriller’s I’m back with Thomas Hardy, reading Jude the Obscure.

(Grimm Exhibition) #400

Im not in the mood for a proper grown up book. When that happens I ask to borrow my nieces books. Im reading Awful Auntie, though I bought Dangerous Liaisons the other day.

(Beaniehats) #401

I am currently reading Hangman by Daniel Cole. I have been sent the first 5 chapters to read and won’t be released to buy until the end of March. I am enjoying reading it so far.