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What are your favourite tools? (with picture)

This guillotine is over 60 years old. My Dad used to cut his black and white photos with it when he developed them. I would be lost without it. It puts a lovely decal edge on my craft papers as demonstrated in the card in the photo.m


There’s nothing that’s more useful than a pencil! Not only do I use one for drawing my ideas but I also use a hard pencil for raising my pewter and putting details on my models. I’m not going to photograph one, though!..

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If I need a pencil, I can always guarantee to find a short, stubby one, tucked behind my husband’s ear. Think it’s an engin…ear thing :slight_smile:


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Oh it is indeed Joy, my Dad was an engineer and he always had a pencil tucked behind the ear - wouldn’t be surprised if it was there when he went to bed too… :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a picture but my favourite tool is my finger turner - 2 very very tiny metal rods. One fits inside the other so that you can turn very very tiny tubes of fabric - invaluable for my mouse tails. It’s made for turning tiny doll’s fingers really but it’s just perfect for my mice. Even with it, it’s a struggle because the tails are so long and thin, but without it, it would be impossible! Martine x

Ooh, I’d like one of those!

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My favourite tools are a metal ruler with a raised ridge in the middle so you don’t chop off the tops of your fingers - which I have done OUCH and a really sharp blade in my craft knife. All worked on my self heal mat. Couldn’t do without any of these items. Not sure how to put pc on yet - need practice/advice
Carol x

There are many tools so no overall favourite, but this is my favourite set of Tunisian Crochet hooks

And my favourite sewing pins

Hey thecardjeanie, that guillotine looks …lethal!! :smiley:

They don’t make them like that anymore. Quality.

That’s right John,

There certainly don#t make them like that these days. I love it to bits. It has never even needed to be sharpened and I use it every day.


Here are my rug making tools that are most in use at the moment (while my sewing machine is in for repair :o/). My absolute favourite, just for the smooth, heavy feel of it, is the brass ‘prodder’ with the rounded, darker wood handle. Shown at the bottom of the photo.

This thread inspired me to write a blog article about some of the tools and the effects you can achieve with them here:-

Julia x

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My favourite crafting tools are my hands! They don’t always work very well and are getting a bit gnarled due to arthritis, but for as long as they will work, I will craft!

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I have an exciting new tool - a ‘sloyd’ knife for wood carving!

It’s years since I carved any spoons etc but now I’ve moved to some woodland, I’m dying to start. I’m hoping to be able to pyrograph my own wood carvings - one day!


For me it has to be brushes, pens, pencils and crayons…

These are a small selection of brushes I use, I’m always buying new ones x

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That’s amazing, but not safe in my hands!!!