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What can I microwave?

I am looking for some sort of vaguely spherical object for a project but it needs to withstand microwaving. I have thought of using glass pebbles, stone pebbles and polystyrene balls but so far research on the internet indicates these are all no no’s as far as the microwave is concerned. Any ideas anyone?

Depends how many you need and what price. What about plastic balls, here is a company that produces them but depends on if you want a lot

Some microwaveable egg poachers are spherical but I’m suspecting that may be too big for your project.

I don’t know what size you’d want Roz, but what about ceramic? Unglazed would be best, maybe there might be some ceramic beads which are suitable?

Thanks for the responses - suddenly realised I had some felt pebbles left over from a previous project so I’m experimenting with those. If it works I can make them any size :slight_smile: . If not maybe ceramic is the way to go.

Good luck! I hope it works out. Nothing more frustrating than having what seems to be an amazing idea but being unable to make it work due to technical reasons!

Potatoes! Just stab them all over first to let the steam out or they explode. New ones or salad ones tend to be more spherical ish.

Fab idea Sasha @SashaGarrett - I knew the good folks from Folksy would help me out :slight_smile: