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What categories/sub-categories would you like to see on Folksy?

(BrambleandBurt) #21

Hi I am seconding @HeidiMeier and @bramleycards for a hand stitched cards/ keepsake textile cards category, either under textile art or in the cards category, all of my fabric cards are completely hand stitched and I incorporate hand stitching into my paper cards too, it might give us hand stitchers a chance to compete with all those printed cards out there!! :wink:

(Camilla) #22

I’ve spoken to @dougfolksy about whether this is possible @HeidiMeier @kernowclaire - ie to allow a product to be listed in two categories – and unfortunately it’s not something we’d be able to easily do. It would mean a huge configuration of the site structure. I know that’s not much help because there will be times that a listing could fit in more than one category but in those cases, my only suggestion would be to choose the most relevant one and if there are two similar products, try listing one in one section and the other in another. Then see which gets the most views/orders and go with that one for future listings? Sorry not to have better news on that one.

(HeidiMeier) #23

That’s okay @folksycontent, it was worth asking! But thanks for seeing if it could be done; much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Camilla) #24

Hi everyone! We’ve added some more new sub-categories, following your suggestions.
So far these are:

Textile Cards -
Funny Birthday Cards -
Age Cards -
Quilled Cards -

Stud Earrings -
Clip On Earrings -

Decorative Tiles -
Pet Bowls -
Tissue Holders -

Quilled Art -
Free Motion Embroidery -

These are all currently empty so they won’t show up in the main or dropdown menus until they’ve got things in them. So please do start filling them up!

PS. We do already have a Dog Coats section @Amberlilly - it’s here :slightly_smiling_face:

(BrambleandBurt) #25

Fantastic thanks @folksycontent for the textile cards and age cards category, I am going to get on and move some cards into it right away :+1::grinning:

(Camilla) #26

Hurray! Don’t panic if they’re not immediately visible as it can take a few hours for the system to update when things are moved around in categories.

(Bekki Stevenson) #27

We really need a ‘clutch purse’ or ‘evening purse’ section. Possibly a few more categories in the wedding section like, ‘bridal purse’, ‘wedding shawl’ etc.

(Amberlilly) #28

Ahh yes, I was hoping for its own category, pet accessories or something other than home and garden…

(Karen Ellam) #29

Yay… thanks so much Camilla @folksycontent


@folksycontent Hi Camilla, would you say hand embroidery/ cross stitch cards can be added to textile cards?
All my cards are hand stitched but I have no where for them to be found apart from card threads…

(Sasha Garrett) #31

Hi Camilla, Thanks for checking - I thought that you would say something like that. Would it be possible to introduce more specific subcategories and then cull some of the less used and confusion causing subcategories? eg there is currently ‘silver’, ‘sliver plate’ and ‘sterling silver’ in the jewellery subcategories, I get what is supposed to go in ‘sterling silver’ and ‘silver plate’ but the ‘silver’ leaves me a bit confused. Could we have a ‘fine silver’ subcategory and then get rid of the ‘silver’ subcategory once people have moved their items? The same goes for ‘semi precious stone’ and ‘gemstone’ - a quick scan of whats in them and I’m seeing the same rocks appearing in both so could these be merged?

(Amanda Crago) #32

Hi Camilla @folksycontent - I make UTEE or jewel enamel earrings and they’re not plastic and apart from putting them in the Everything Else sub category, perhaps there could be a Mixed Media sub category as well?

(Jacqueline Talbot) #33

Thanks so much for including the decorative tiles category :+1::grinning:

(Martin Shackleton) #34

I think studio pottery is a bit mixed up. I think handmade pottery could have a section all of its own, there are plenty of potters on here. I never quite know which section to put my work into. So a section called pottery and Ceramics. Followed by utility ceramics, mugs, plates, bowls, teapots and eggcups etc. Vases, plaques and hanging decorations, sculpture, garden pots. But one that’s meant for the studio potter, who makes everything from raw clay, fires twice, decorates and glazes.

(Sue) #35

Camilla @folksycontent is the new free machine embroidery section working? I have tried over the last few days and can’t seem to find it! Or am I just being stupid :rofl:

(HeidiMeier) #36

Hi Sue - it’s still not in place. I tried adding something this morning.

(HeidiMeier) #37

Hi @folksycontent and @dougfolksy - another suggestion (!!).

To reduce the propensity for the four ‘top level’ images boxes being occupied by the same shop which has relisted items, could the containers pick just the top listed image from a selection of four random sub categories?

So for textile art, the top level would show (for example) one image from Flowers, one from Embroidery Hoop Art, one from Buildings and one from Surreal.

This would give a more balanced n overview of the category, especially if you pick sub categories where it’s unlikely (not impossible I realise) that one seller will sell all of those products.

So in my example above, Flowers and Embroidery Hoop Art may very well contain the same items, but it’s unlikely an artist would be working ‘surreal’ as well as ‘Buildings’, for example.

Not sure whether the site structure would deem this a massive rehaul but it might be worth a look??

(Thedotterypotter) #38

I agree with Martin @MartinShackletonCeramics - sometimes, I make a bowl and don’t really want to put it in the homewares section as it may be more decorative than functional but it’s not really a piece of sculpture either.
I would love for Ceramics and Pottery to have it;s own heading rather than be placed under sculpture and then all the subsections that he has already mentioned.
I make a lot of plaques and have to list them under Hanging decorations but I don’t know if they should really be under Art, yet they are not sculpture ether.

(Camilla) #39

I’ve worked it out Sue and @HeidiMeier and you weren’t being stupid at all - it was me who had done something stupid! There’s a button that needs pressing to make sub-categories visible when you’re listing, so although the Free Motion Embroidery section was coming up as an option in the ‘recategorise listings’ section on the dashboard, it wasn’t visible on individual listings. It just wasn’t obvious in the admin pages.

It’s fixed now though (hopefully) so please do start filling it up

(MadeintheTemple) #40

Clutch bag would be nice under bags