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What categories/sub-categories would you like to see on Folksy?

(Amberlilly) #41

Any chance of its own category though?
Especially with so many pet owners out there.
Pet accessories even, but all the pet items are under home and garden.

(Camilla) #42

Hi Marie. Clutch bags is up and should be available for you to start filling!

(HeidiMeier) #43

Hi @folksycontent - I just noticed something about the boxes when viewing the listings under the categories - for some reason I always thought the boxes were all the same size and square; so that all rows ended up being the same size. I can see today that some boxes are taller than others, sometimes because a shop name is longer or a title of a product is longer, and sometime it looks like the image is a different shape (eg rectangular not square).

I don’t know if this is a new thing, just pointing it out in case it’s a bug . It makes my listing for example, look larger than the ones each side, because my shop name is longer and so my box takes up an extra line. I always thought that if that happened, your shop name was shortened and a ‘…’ added. Or of course i could be entirely mistaken and it’s always been like this and I have just never noticed…

PS I am using google chrome as my browser.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #44

I would love to see coat or clothes hangers, please

(MadeintheTemple) #45

Thank you x x x

(Quillextra) #46

Thank you for the “Quilled” categories could we have sub titles to include “Animals” on “Quilled Art”?

(Quillextra) #47

Hi Camilla,
I can find my Quilled Art items if I manually select them
but they don’t show if I select them from the drop down menu? Thanks

(Camilla) #48

Sorry Janice! I’ve added the extra subcategories now, so if you add your items into the correct ones they should show up in the menu. If they don’t show up after you’ve recategorised them, it might be that our database needs a few hours to update.

(HeidiMeier) #49

Could we have a top level category of Children please @folksycontent. And then sub categories of Children’s art, Children’s Homeware, Children’s clothing? I know Clothing and accessories already has a children and babies sub category, but maybe that could be migrated to a new position, as I do think a whole separate top level category of babies and children might be useful.

If that’s too big a change to the site structure, could we have a sub category of Children’s art under the Art section?



(Quillextra) #50

Thank you very much.

(Suzanne (Sue) Casey) #51

‘Drawstring Bags’ or ‘Fabric Bags’ please
I currently list mine under Clothing and Accessories-sleeves and bags but I don’t think they really fit that category.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

(Amberlilly) #52

Any chance of something for the dog section.
I have dog cowls and dog coats that I don’t know where to put. @folksycontent

(Camilla) #53

I’ve added a Dog Snood section @Amberlilly - does that help?
Looking at the searches, snood seemed like the best term to use but I’ve added cowl and neck warmer into the description.
Here’s the new subcategory if you want to start filling it and linking to it

(Amberlilly) #54

Thanks Camilla, excellent!

(Jackie Marsh) #55

Could we have a pastels section under ART please. @folksycontent

There is watercolour and acrylics but nothing for pastel paintings. Unless they are classed under a different section? Thank you.

(Claudine Péronne) #56

Could we have Shell Art and Rock Art in the art section please?
Also Hand Painted Cards as sub category for greeting cards?

(Sarah Thexton) #57

Hi @folksycontent - any chance of a handmade books category please? Perhaps with subsections for children, guest books, planners, notebooks, sketchbooks, personalised, etc? :slight_smile:

(Dosrodgerspottery) #58

Totally with you on that one. A great suggestion that we hope gets listened to

Dave and Dos