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What do you serve for a fish course to someone who won't eat fish?

In a quandary here.
I’ve probably rather stupidly invited Bob’s daughter and 2 sons plus spouses to dinner on Friday. Forgetting that one wife is very fussy and pretty well only eats meat and potatoes.

Thought I’d start with my stuffed mushrooms…ooops as I suspected…mushrooms are a Nono …ok can handle that, I’ll get a bit of ready made pate for that one

Then as it’s special, I’ll do a fish course. Planned perhaps a small piece of seabass with lemon butter sauce on a bed of watercress / spinach. Oops fish is a Nono. Fish = anything from the water- is Out. Suggestions please.

(Main course is fine, choice of Bobotie and Orzo or Chicken pie and new pots or both. Pudding even easier - all types of pudding consumed with relish)

Crostini? You don’t want to go to too much effort, so glorified cheese on toast might be good :wink: And if she doesn’t like toast, baked potato skins?

Sam x


That seems like a good plan. Sure she does toast as I know she eats pate but the skins sound like a good idea too.

I just googled “what to serve for a fish course to someone who won’t eat fish” but even Google couldn’t answer that one !

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I’ll come to dinner instead! Sea bass with lemon butter on watercress sounds delicious!

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It is a bit of a poser, that one! I thought my suggestions were vaguely fish shaped, and therefore wouldn’t look out of place (and just thought there is a sort of “loaves and fishes” thing going on there too). :fish::fish::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread:

Sam x

I could cut toast into fish shapes ! :slight_smile:


I like that idea!

Seconds of the pate (on fish shaped toast this time) whilst the rest of you have the sea bass.

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I’d just leave her hungry to be quite honest! Sounds amazing and like you are putting in a ton of effort already. Fish shaped toast sounds appropriate!

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I dont eat fish its about the only thing I dont eat ! If I was your guest I would just miss the fish out and I wouldnt be offended . I would just eat extra in the next course!

I’m not a fish fan either. How about a small salad or crudites and a dip, hummus for example?

Salad, vegetables. Ooops not those either. We’re talking very badly brought up eating habits here ! xx

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I could always give her some bread sticks to munch on. She could dip them in hubby’s beurre blanc sauce… or maybe not as I’ll probably be adding a few prawns to that !

Why don’t you swap the pate, to have with the fish course, with the fish shaped toast and do something like goats cheese tartlet or stuffed pepper for the mushroom course? Reading this is making me feel quite envious.

I like that. Yes that will work. Bob has just agreed to cut out fish shaped toasts ! Might get an instant something or other from Tesco. no make that Waitrose as this is a special dinner, for her starter. Samosa or something like that.

All I have to do now is decide which 2 puds to make… chocolate theme always works well… black forest meringue gateau (mine not Tesco) or profiteroles or tiramisu ??

  • lemon posset or panna cotta with a bit of fruit (can’t have creme brulee my torch is broken !) or could make a pear tarte tatin with optional chocolate sauce ? .

When I’m not making glass I like to cook.

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Black forest meringue gateau and lemon posset (cardamon shortbread work well with that). This is not the sort of list you want to be reading pre breakfast.

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OK, Joy, just send me your address and I’ll be there - I promise to eat every last bit and clean the plates!!


Can I come too?! I’m sat here drooling!! :heart_eyes:

A selection of nice ham and a mini soft cheese on the same watercress /spinach bed as everyone else

Might have to bring your own chair :slight_smile:

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