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What inspires you?

I have added a new line to my shop recently and I wanted to know what inspires you?

We recently adopted our rabbit Dumpling who lives with us at our home in #Cornwall and she has the funniest, enjoyable little character! Everyday she is coming more into her own and recently she has had an interest in my #screenprinting. She is a very inquisitive and nosy bunny, always standing on her back legs with her nose in the air! Dumpling inspired me to create me new collection of golden rabbit #Easter cards.

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I’m inspired by so many things but mainly nature, I love walks and take lots of photo’s, I love watching the birds in my garden, I feed them every day, I take pics and sketch them. I don’t have pets but my daughter has the cutest bunny, Mr Fudge, I have some sketches of him and plan to incorporate him into some of my paintings. I love the name Dumpling :smile:


Thank you, my Mr chose the name Dumpling, so unfortunately I can’t take the credit :wink: Aww, I love the name Mr. Fudge and I look forward to seeing him in your works.

I’m inspired by lots of things …

Lots of things in nature, I love the countryside but also the beach (we live in southend on sea) but also just by talking to people too, I’m interested in people and often just chatting to them they tell you about things they like etc

As I paint in hot wax and need to be in my studio to work I can’t always work on my ideas readily so I often sketch and then paint at a later time.

That’s what I did this past week … I sketched this hydrangea and then painted it in wax.

I need to take better pictures and then list it here next week


I’m inspired by a lot of things-Books and poetry I’ve read, articles in magazines (especially Nat Geo), art, photograph, music-but often it’s something blue…Strange.

Love Sam :fish:


I was inspired by a cabbage leaf! Inspiration is everywhere.


Flowers, colours, nature and happiness:D


Nature, music and poetry.

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I’m inspired by lots of things fabric, items you see, people and time of year. Ever ending list

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Nature always inspires me. It’s also timeless, and people will often look for things to buy or just look at, which have some natural influence, whether a leaf , floral or even a pile of twigs in a forest.

I also do abstracts with intense colour, and like the way light changes over the day, the atmosphere of a place can change due to the lighting. Certain colour combinations work better than others, again nature is a good starting point for colours.

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