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What is 'subscribe to shop feed'?

Just wondering what the ‘subscribe to shop feed’ button does. would I be right in thinking each time you list something new, it will be seen by everyone who’s subscribed? or is it for newsletters? (newbie here!) :grinning:

Hi there. I recently opened my folksy shop and am wondering what this ‘subscribe to feed’ button does too! I just did a search and found your old post. Did you ever find out? Thanks, Julie

The ‘subscribe to feed’ button enables you to subscribe to a shop’s RSS feed (ie. new items they list) using a feed reader like FeedBurner, Feedly.

There’s more info about what RSS is and how it works here:

Alternatively you can just add the shop to your Favourites on Folksy and then you’ll see new items from the shop on your favourites page (this is one of my favourite views on Folksy)

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Thanks Camilla I have learnt something new today!