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What is wrong with people

(Natalie Morris) #1

Okay… I have to admit I feel slightly depressed about people in general. I make two very different kind of items that I sell on Folksy. The first are hand sewn felt items (finger puppets, hair accessories, badges etc) that are not only super cute, but lovingly crafted and require a fair degree of design and skill. I am so proud of these items, although they are not particularly lucrative given how long they take to make vs how much I sell them for. The second type of item is humorous adult gifts (risque coasters & magnets) which are definitely entertaining, but require very little skill to produce. It depresses me that the latter sells really well, but no one buys the genuine craft stuff that I love making. It’s not a cost thing, as none of my items are more then a few pounds.
Does anyone else feel that they are selling the wrong items?!? Feeling very undervalued…

(Roz) #2

Maybe there is more competition out there for your felted items so you are getting a smaller share of the sales. Mind you I think 90% of people don’t really think about what work goes into an item - if they want it and its the right price they will buy it.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I love your finger puppets but I would have no use for them - do people still use finger puppers to entertain kids? However humourously insulting gifts for my friends I have use for and I suspect so do many others.
Sorry to not be more encouraging.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I don’t think it’s any thing wrong with people. Your little puppets will only be for a target market I’m not for instance your target market. I don’t have little ones, I don’t have relatives/friends with little ones also when I did use them I made my own so even 25years ago I wouldn’t have been your target market.

Your little finger puppets are indeed very cute and will be just right for your target market.
As for your coasters they will be great for those who love coasters with cheeky says or just sayings so again I’m not in your target market.

Are you marketing to your target market?

I shouldn’t get too upset it take’s time to find your target market and for them to find you.

You’ve clearly put work into your products and have a creative flare,

(Bea Custodio) #5

Your finger puppets are so cute! Maybe the coasters are more generic as a gift, something for men and women, so people buy more of them.