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What on earth can I do with these?

(Christine E.) #1

I made a batch of little models basically to use up some air-dry clay that was going hard in the cupboard. I’ve sold two purple rabbits and all the original Owl and Pussycat models. But I can’t seem to shift the remaining ones! They’ve been in my shop for a year and a half! At first I tried to reflect the time and effort that went into them but they’re being reduced more and more. Should I perhaps give them away free with a gift box? :slight_smile: Any other suggestions for getting shot of things that won’t sell? I might even accept offers :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

When travelling I’ve seen some truely random animals used in nativity scenes (swans, frogs, collie dogs are the ones that are springing to mind as standing out) so how about making up your own alternative nativity with them?

(Sally Eira) #3

i like sasha’s comments - you could give them crowns and they could be the ‘three wise animals’ for christmas … !

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(Christine E.) #4

Great idea! Perhaps the dog and the fox as Mary and Joseph, and a small owl as the Baby Jesus? I’d thought of selling them as a job lot but this is a better idea… :slight_smile:

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(Liz Clark) #5

Sasha’s comments are spot on for a new lease of life! Make sure you use christmas and nativity hashtags when marketing them to get lots of exposure.

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Dog/ fox as mary/ joseph, the 3 largest owls as the wise men, one of the kittens as jesus, the zebra and chicken as the inn keeper and his wife…
I’ll have to see if i can track down the photos we took in Mexico of their random animal invasion nativity sceens.

(Christine E.) #7

Perhaps I could use the owls’ nest or the kittens’ basket as a manger…I feel more than one alternative nativity coming on!

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(Sasha Garrett) #8

Please show us the alternative scenes once you have made them and then I think you should make sure that folksy know so that they could pop them on facebook.

(Stephanie Guy) #9

What a fabulous idea, can’t wait to see it!

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(Christine E.) #10

I’m not entirely sure I can be bothered with this, but don’t want to let you all down! :slight_smile:

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