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What’s wrong with them?

I wonder if any of you have got a minute to look at my doll’s sleeping bags and tell me why you think they never sell. My dolls and clothes sell so well all year round but no one ever buys my sleeping bags, which I thought were a good idea for putting the dolls to bed. They are made of lovely soft fleece and embroidered and appliquéd to make them look pretty but no one ever looks at them. Are they too expensive? What’s wrong with them? Anyone got any ideas?

The only thing I can think of is that the kids who love their mulberry green dolls like to snuggle up with them in bed and don’t feel the need to put them in a sleeping bag as they are tucked in under the duvet. Maybe if you did a story line about the kids going camping and taking their tent and sleeping bags with them that would encourage sales as the kids could play along.


Ha ha - a camping story - that’s a good idea Sasha :blush:
I did wonder about taking the doll to bed thing myself.

Would it be an idea to have one or two of the main photos with the little dolls inside. I see your second photo shows that, but maybe give your customers the idea, especially if it’s bought as a gift. Maybe offer the doll and sleeping bag as one purchase somehow.

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That’s a good idea Marg - I might do that in the lead up to Christmas - a doll in a nightie with the sleeping bag.


They are beautifully made and such a sweet idea. I think your problem may be that on first glance people don’t know what they are for? My first thought was that they were spectacle cases! Perhaps you need to photo them in a setting, maybe a doll in it, or even a tent to match?

I agree - it is difficult to know what they are at first glance but if I put a doll inside, they may think they’re getting the doll and the sleeping bag for just £8.99. Perhaps I could put a label on them saying sleeping bag only.

I think they are beautiful :slight_smile: When I looked at the main photo though - (Even though I knew that they would fit the dolly) I did wonder what size they were as they looked too small to me! I agree with using a main photo with the doll in but maybe in your first line of the description you could put “DOLL NOT INCLUDED” in capital letters so that there is no doubt.
How lovely would it be to have a little matching doll teepee too! (Sorry you know your target market and that would probably not be a great idea, I was just thinking how cute it would be!

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I think I might redo the pictures when I get a minute. The thought of a tent did make me wonder but then I realised how big it would have to be to make it to scale and so I quickly went off the idea :blush:

I agree with the other’s, main photo with a picture of the dolly in, could just use the second pic as the main until you get around to taking new ones, maybe. But they are lovely as such a cute idea.

Thanks Tina x

You could use variations - option one = doll only, option two = doll with sleeping bag, etc

Thanks for all of your advice. I’ll redo my photos, when I get chance.