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What was the last item you sold on Folksy?

(JollySmall) #1206

Thanks Claire. Yes the holiday was just the R and R we both needed - a productive week - read 3 books, knitted a baby coat, started a blanket and walked miles :joy:

(Joy Salt) #1207

My very latest design of heart.
Listed it.
Pinned and Tweeted it.
Posted it on Facebook.
Sold it … to someone who saw it on Facebook…<.30 mins after I posted it.
Oh the wonderful power of social media.
Please believe me. It is worth putting in the effort :slight_smile:

(Sarah Bell) #1208

This gorgeous sunset ruin was the last item I sold :blush::rainbow:

(Minerva) #1209

(MercinianCrafts) #1210

Two pairs of socks !!

(Chris Stone) #1211

This print, sold today,

(Joy Salt) #1212

Oh the fantastic power of social media should never be under-rated.

I say this as I know there are sellers on here who decline to use it.

…On Saturday I designed a new heart, listed it here, shared it on Facebook and sold it within 30 minutes.
(That post got 102 likes and 5 shares and I also shared it on Instagram which go 64 likes … these are record figures for me :slight_smile: ).
…As that first heart sold so fast I made 3 more on Sunday. Sold all those too… gone out in the post today. One customer saw it because her friend shared my FB post !

…As those hearts sold so fast I made another 6 today but this time set up a Reserved listing for them and asked people who wanted them to PM me on Facebook to reserve.
As I wanted to make sure those who had said they wanted one got first chance this time.
…All 6 now sold …oh and another 2 not yet made but will be tomorrow.
… one sale incidentally is via Instagram not Facebook

but doesn’t this all just prove how very good social media can be if you can catch it right.
Thanks by the way are due to @dottiedesigns for the British Crafters FB share which just about clinched today’s sales.


Happy Bunny xxx

(Christine E.) #1213

I sold this copper plaque immediately after showing it on Facebook (to a fellow Folksy seller, thanks Jessica!)

(Helen Clifford) #1214

Wow, @JOYSofGLASS! brilliant!


So happy to have sold one of my my 1:12th scale strawberries scenes!

(Christine E.) #1216

How do you even DO that? :grin::grin::grin::grin: Incredible!


Thanks!! I grow a very small strawberry patch!