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What was the last item you sold?

(Caroline Wong) #503

Sold today :slight_smile:

(Sue Beacham) #504

I have other Gift bags with Haberdashery stash and another gift bag with Geranium soap, organic lavender, heart needle felted card and shabby chic brooch and a free surprise gift…a lovely gift idea


(ShopperErhaz) #505

The last item I sold is a gold Jewelry that I bought for a low price. This was auction from jewelry shop because the one who pawn it didn’t want it anymore. I saved it for years then now I sold it twice the price I bought it. I am planning to buy and sell more after I gained profit on selling it. I am also hoping shop more items here,

(Simon Hatton) #506

The last items I sold were these below


(PetraBradleyPrints) #507

Hurraayy! I sold one like this last week. My 4th sale ever! Its boulstered me up no end.

(Roxanne Levy) #508

I sold this Rabbit Card

(Tina Martin) #509

(Claire Woodhead) #510

(Lesley Bywater) #511

A rainbow crochet set

Lesley :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #512

I have just sold this embroidered dragon bag

(Tina Martin) #513

(Ley Holloway) #514

Just made a sale very happy
I don’t make many sales as I’m really rubbish at promotion and I don’t list new stuff nearly often enough. So doubly pleased when some lucky soul finds their way to my shop.

(Wendy Morris) #515

I’m very pleased to sell this today, I haven’t had many sales for a while so I’m delighted!

(Christine E.) #516

Sold this one about a week ago…

these yesterday…

and this today…

Dare I hope that things are picking up?.. :slight_smile:

(Roxanne Levy) #517


I’ve sold a few this week which is great

(Silvana Briers) #518

I may not sell that many items online but I can’t complain that when I do, it’s nearly always sheep! This one will be making it’s way to Hampshire tomorrow.

(helenhandmade) #519

Still no sales for me on Folksy, however I did a craft fair yesterday and had success with my baby pram blankets and taggy toys, so many lovely comments (sadly many were ‘I wish I knew a baby to buy one for’!!!), but its a confidence boost so I have listed a few more items with the hopes of success soon!!!

(Annmarie Ison) #520

(HAZARDious) #521

i last sold one of these, i have a massive sale on, with huge discounts which may have helped, every little helps as they say! :wink:

(Claire Woodhead) #522