Folksy Ltd

What was the last item you sold?

(PetraBradleyPrints) #803

And this as well. The last item in this vintage fabric. Sad to see it go…

(Kelever) #804

I sold this abstract painting this morning…

(Lesley Bywater) #805

A knitting needle roll

Lesley :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #806

I’ve done well with a few valentine items, both on here and other outlets :slight_smile:

A valentine peg doll, a couple of hanging hearts, a heart in a bottle and a heart canvas x


(Tina Martin) #807

My Heart Tree blank card, seems very popular :slight_smile:

(Carrie ) #808

That’s lovely

(Carrie ) #809

A ferny bangle

(Tina Martin) #810

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Helen Clifford) #811

(Kim Blythe) #812

I sold these oven gloves and a tote bag yesterday evening.

(Kim Blythe) #813

This make up bag sold today

(Carrie ) #814

There’s selling??!!!

(Tina Martin) #815

My last item was my Pearl Anniversary card;

(Kiddiewinks) #816

Not sold for a long time on here so this came as quite a surprise

(Lesley Bywater) #817

Sold this neck warmer / cowl today

Lesley :slight_smile:

(ana92pl) #818

Nothing yet :frowning: OH how I wish to have my first sale!

I love watching your work guys, you are all so creative !!!

(Christine E.) #819

I think the things you make are lovely but your your shop doesn’t seem to have any sort of identity or personality. I think you should at least give it a memorable name… ana92pl might mean something to you but it means nothing to me. It’s almost as if you want to stay anonymous. Perhaps call your shop something that reflects the type of things that you make- miniatures or tiny treasures or whatever. Also the description of your shop that appears at the top of your page doesn’t say anything useful.
Your “About” section could be more detailed- what is your process of making or inspiration, who are you and what do you love to do, etc.
Your Facebook page doesn’t send people to Folksy.
I hope you’re not offended by my remarks, I’m just trying to help. Good luck!

(Christine E.) #820

Sold these two…

(ana92pl) #821

Christine, thank you for advice- I appreciate and will defo change it. I love “little treasures” idea.
Would love to use it if you dont mind x.
I have to update About section. I will do it today! Thanks so much hun x

(Roxanne Levy) #822

I sold this Puffin card. very happy!