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Where on-line sales leak

(Dixie Nichols) #1

I have just worked out that there are ten different points that you can loose an on-line sale. If you send out a sales pitch to your existing customer list there are ten places that it can fail, not ten ways ( I found 24 of those) but ten places in its journey.
I drew it out as an info-graphic here

(Joy Salt) #2

Another interesting statistic worthy of consideration is that it is 7 times as hard to recover a lost (presume dissatisfied) customer as it is to win a new one.

(Dixie Nichols) #3

Joy that’s a grim statistic

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Following on from Joy’s statistic people are almost twice as likely to tell others about poor customer service/ products than they are to tell them about good service/ products.
Its a wonder we sell anything at all.

(Joy Salt) #5

Only if we don’t provide good customer service and products and I for one do my very best and presume that you do too.