Which Category should I put my Cow Abduction in?

I have had a look at the categories and I’m not sure which one to use because I have a feeling as soon as I post, someone will tell me I have it in the wrong one :rofl:
Thanks In advance Simon

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Hi Simon - you could possibly use - jewellery/mens jewellery/mens necklaces and pendants
or supplies/hand made craft supplies or jewellery/necklaces and pendants
I think your makes are very different and beautiful but think you are missing trade by not using your tags to the fullest extent - maybe use hand made pendant, pendant for men, pendant for women, alien pendant, space ship pendant, space lover, alien lover, space ship… :slightly_smiling_face: :alien: :space_invader:

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Hi Jo
Thanks for the compliment and your items are really cool too!
I understand what you said about my Tags, I’m still learning but I will have a look at this. How did you see my tags? I tried to see yours but cant find any, are the tags just for folksy?
Thanks again Jo for the direct to the point message, I can tell you’re a local lass. :joy:

when i look at one of your pendants I see the following and to see your tags I just click on ‘tags materials and colours’

*# *Item details

A stunning pendant with a crashed UFO on mountains made from solid oak and resin in Mango.
Size 43.9mm x 26.4mm x 15.3mm approx.
See pics for size comparison

Shop announcement

Shipping & delivery

Tags, materials & colours

Returns & shipping policy

hope that makes sense

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Looking at that photo, I don’t think that one is a pendant, so I’d probably put it under art > sculpture and ceramics > other sculpture, or homeware > home decorations > ornaments.

If you look at a listing page, you should see a section titled “tags, materials & colours”. If you click on that you’ll see what tags the seller has put on their items. Yes the tags are for Folksy, they help your items come up in search results so they’re good to use to help you get found. You can use single words or short phrases - basically you’re trying to predict what someone might put in the search box if they were looking for an item like yours.
For your items, things like “UFO”, “flying saucer”, “alien”, “crash site”, “geeky jewellery”, “gifts for geeks”, “gifts for space lovers”, “UFO pendant”, “geeky ring”, “purple ring”, “alternative jewellery”… and for this piece, I would definitely include the tags “cow” and “alien abduction”.


Yes it does Thank you very much :alien:

ah sorry yes Simon my ideas were for your pendants not your poor cow being abducted by aliens. Tags are crazy but we have to do them to get seen. I agree with all that Kim has said - trying to predict what buyers might put into the search box is a minefield but just check out what others have put and it might help. You might like to think about joining in with the threads too. Some people sell lots but still join us who dont (doh) on threads like:-
‘Folksy 365 - daily listing and team promoting thread’ (a different one is started each month so watch out for the June one). This is a thread where you can show your wears and join in daily life conversations but it is also hoped you will go into people’s shops and like the item they have listed. This is supposed to get us seen on the front page of Folksy… if only for a minute :smile: Members of the thread will do the same with your listing.
‘what have you listed today’ - you just show your latest listing
You could even start your own ‘Show me your aliens and space items’ thread :alien: :+1:

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Hi Kim
Yes I agree I think the sculpture is the best one for my Cow Abduction.
Thats great info on the Tags, I will look into this thanks very much Kim

No, thanks for the info I really appreciate it all Jo, great idea about the Alien thread too :alien: