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Whoop whoop! I got my first sale today!

(Nykie) #1

It came via a very convoluted route - I posted on my personal FB page, that was shared by one of my friends, one of her friends messaged me through my FB page and I directed her here!

But yay! A sale! :grin:

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Well done, hope it’s the first of many!

(Karen Ellam) #3

Well done Nykie @GreenBeansandGinPapercuts.

Here’s to many more :beers:

Karen :smiley:

(Kylie Tilley) #4

well done, i remember my first sale, gave me a rush. congrats xx

(Minerva) #5

It’s so sweet to get your first sale, isn’t it? Here’s to lots more!!

(NiceVisuals) #6

Congratulations, I am waiting for my first!!! Just posted a new item!

(Camilla) #7

That’s brilliant news! I’ve added this to our favourite finds as a little extra celebration :confetti_ball:

(Nykie) #8

Awww, thanks Camilla! :grin:

(Helen Healey) #9

Congratulations. Well done. :smile:

(Janie Graham) #10

Many congratulations!

(Diane Keeble) #11

well done x

(Nykie) #12

Thanks people - I’m hoping this isn’t just a flash in the pan :joy:

(HilaryP) #13

It’s a fab feeling! The first of many sales for you I’m sure, your papercuts are lovely :smile:

The team are here to help so any questions / suggestions do let us know.

Keep an eye out for the newsletter next week, we’ll add you to our high fives section!

Hilary x

(Nykie) #14

Thanks Hilary - I’ll watch for the newsletter!

I have more to add, just no time to add them :confounded:

(Crystal Clarke) #15

That’s Brilliant! I hope it is the first of many :slight_smile:

(Jenny Baxter) #16

Congratulations! I’m new on Folksy and waiting for my first sale, so this is also a great encouragement :smiley: All the best.

(Alex Edwards) #17

Well done, its a great feeling and we’ll deserved, your shop is great. I love Colin the Zebra :slight_smile:

(Nykie) #18

Thanks, so do I :blush:

(GiftWave) #19

Excellent well done, let’s hope some of your good luck rubs off !..I’m still waiting for my first

(Lorraine & Rachael Freeman) #20

Well done, its such a lovely feeling :slight_smile: Just favourited your shop-Its great!