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(littlefaceknits) #142

I’m slowly trying to add you all on Insta. Apologies if I’ve missed any of you. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely things :slight_smile:
My account is

(Kim Onyskiw) #143

Just a reminder for everyone here that there’s also a Folksy instagram challenge starting next week.

For those of you that are new to instagram, this is where you try and post a photo every day that somehow goes with the prompts (although no one minds if you miss a day or 2 if you can’t think of anything/get too busy), tag your photos with #12daysoffolksy and @folksyhq, and then you can search the hashtag and see what everyone else has thought up.

So tree could be the Christmas tree you’ve just put up, one of your items with a tree on it, some nice trees you’ve seen on a walk, a mug tree full of handmade mugs… stick with the obvious or use your imagination (I think I might have to, I’m a bit stuck on what to put for some of those).

(Jackie Barton) #144

Hi Lowri, I’m following you and your very unique pink-haired lady. She’s got quite the character, even though her face stays the same, she tells her story so well. :smile:

(Jackie Barton) #145

Hi Amanda, I’ve found and am following you. Thanks for popping in to give us your details. I love the preciseness of your creations. I’ve been a knitter for 50 years and my work is no where near your accuracy - they are all beautiful :star_struck:

(Jackie Barton) #146

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Kim and a great item to introduce us to. I’m trying to sort out my ‘12 days’ now so I don’t miss any :thinking:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #147

Haha, thank you so much! My girls are very indifferent, nothing impresses them. :wink: I think they have what they call ‘resting bitch face’ :rofl:

(Beabookprints) #148

I am! I love it but I haven’t go much yet.

(Tina Martin) #149

I’m hoping to take part with at least some of the days, although I’ve got a complete brain blank on some of the prompts so far. :grinning:

I’m also starting ‘My Christmas advent’ from the 1st of December up until Chistmas eve, where I post a little sketch every day. This years theme is childrens Christmas fancy dress, so feel free to pop over a take a peek. :christmas_tree:

(littlefaceknits) #150

Thank you Jackie! Very kind of you to say so :slight_smile:
What sort of things do you knit?

(Jackie Barton) #151

Hi Bea, I started following you today. What a great idea - print at home, brilliant. Saves on postage, lol! Don’t forget to fill in the ‘Shop Appearance’ section, on the left side of your Dashboard, about ½ way down. Then we can find your other social media homes and follow them, giving us all a larger network. :wink:

(Jackie Barton) #152

I’ve made baby items, cardigans for my daughter and myself, and hand warmers. As soon as the temperature drops and the nights draw in, I get out the knitting needles whilst watching the TV. I have about 50 years of retro/vintage patterns, mainly from my late mum who was an avid knitter and sewer (is that the right word - I don’t mean the thing that runs underground, etc, etc!). I am just in the process of closing down a shop I had on an American site (not the dreaded E!-although I tried that out for a few months - far too political for me!). Once closed all my vintage knitting, sewing patterns and vintage buttons (some from the 1920’s!) will come over to Folksy. Keep those needles clicking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Jennifer Leask) #153

Just followed you! I’m new on Folksy but long time on Instagram (@jenstarknits) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Beabookprints) #154

Hi Jackie. Thanks! I usually make notebooks and at this time of the year I’m quite busy doing Christmas fairs. I had a Folksy shop some time ago but got too busy with life and had to give it up.

This year, for family reasons, I’m away from home and I couldn’t take the bookbinding tools and materials with me. I love paper but it’s too heavy! Then a friend suggested me the downloadable design option. Let’s see how it goes. All the best to you!

(Pippa Mac) #155

Hi guys, I’m finding you slowly on Ig and I always follow back if you find me. I’m on there as

(Jackie Barton) #156

Hi Jen :wave: Thanks for the follow, I’m following you back too. I love the picture of the rainbow - thank goodness it has stopped raining for a day or two, I was worried I’d end up with webbed feet :swimming_woman:

(Jennifer Leask) #157

Sun’s out today but quite windy, I’ll take that over torrential rain any day though!

(Tessa Spanton) #158

Thank you for your welcome Jackie. I have enjoyed looking at lots of lovely things.

(loveableCo) #159

Hi I’m on Instagram too. I’ll follow back if you want to follow me.

(Jackie Barton) #160

Hi Deborah, I’m following you already :smiley: Don’t forget to fill out the ‘Shop Appearance’ section in the Dashboard, we can find all of your social media hangouts then :star_struck:

(Catherine Marsh) #161

I joined this week for the 12DaysofFolksy challenge and am just about keeping up with it so far!