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(loveableCo) #162

Hi again,

Updated my shop appearance and social media links.

(Sweet Pea) #163

Hello all. I am still finding my way around Instagram. I am using the #12daysoffolksy Instagram challenge as a learning tool!
One question… for the ‘wishlist’ day, I’d like to show an item in someone else’s folksy shop, but how do I do that? Can I do that?
Many thanks in advance!

(Kim Onyskiw) #164

Find the item in their Folksy shop on your phone, save the photo and then you’ll be able to upload it to instagram. Check to see if they’ve got a link to their instragram, and if they do make sure you tag them in the photo (if not just write their shop username in the comment).

(Sweet Pea) #165

Many thanks Kim. I’ll try this out on the 7th!

(Tessa Spanton) #166

I love your tree display on Instagram.

(Pippa Mac) #167

Thanks, Tessa. Good to find you here.

(Jackie Barton) #168

Hi Catherine, I found you on Instagram and am following you. I love your art, especially the top-of-the-mountain scenes. They really give the feeling of windswept space.

(Jackie Barton) #169

HiYa, I’ve started following you on all your social media outlets :star_struck:

(Joy Salt) #170

Does anyone know where Instagram puts drafts and how to get to them ?
My android phone is iffy and does its own thing including, every now and then giving me the opportunity to save my careful post to draft or discard it altogether…
when what I want to do is continue to publish it !!

(Kim Onyskiw) #171

Go to the gallery where you upload photos, and scroll up. The drafts don’t show immediately when you click on that page, but will show in between the big picture and the gallery once you do that little scroll.

It’s a useful feature when you want to sort out a photo to list later, but annoyingly they sometimes just disappear (I think maybe when I’ve logged out or switched accounts), so I try not to use it more in advance than “I’ll list that tonight”.

(Joy Salt) #172

Hmmm not finding anything to scroll but it’s probably just my very stupid phone.

(Lily Lily Handmade) #173

I love Instagram and seeing all the pretty photos of things people have made. I’m lilylilyhandmade on there (not sure how to add that link to here) :grinning:

(Peter Marjoram) #174

I too am a very recent convert to Instagram, thanks to the advice from Folksy. Sadly, my Folksy title, PetersArts, was already taken, so I had to come up with a different Instagram tag, nakedpetersarts, don’t worry, nothing sinister about it!


Just going to take a look at all your lovely Instagram accounts. Mine is

(Jackie Barton) #176

Hi Lily, I’ve found you on instagram & twitter and I’m following you. I love your work, it is so clean and precise. I bet it takes a long time to make :smiley:

(Jackie Barton) #177

Hi Peter, I’ve found and am following you on instagram. Thanks for posting with us here - it’s a good way for other Folksy-ites to find you :wink:

(Jackie Barton) #178

Hey Natasha, I’ve found you on all social media and I’m following you. Your ribbons are so colourful - I’m just working out how I might use some in my jewellery (I think I shall be ordering something soon!)


Thank you Jackie for your kind words regarding my shop x

(Sarah Seven) #180

I’ve been on for only a few months too. Am really enjoying it and more than Facebook! Although I did have to speak with niece about what hashtags were and how to use them. Not sure I’ve utilised them wholeheartedly but I’m getting there! Haven’t made any sales from it yet and I didn’t start a business one which I think I should of. Xx

(Andy Twist) #181

I have now realised the extra Instagram gives you, so opened an account today, need to find my way around it and post some of my stuff on it. Have you got any helpful hints?