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Why do things never turn out the same?!

Why is it every time I have an idea and make up a prototype it generally turns out well but when I try to repeat it its never quite as good and needs a lot of tweaking! I made a lovely little tea light holder the other day and thought I could make a few more for a craft fair on Sunday but they are just not coming out right. Does anyone else suffer from this or is it just me?

I know exactly what you mean, Roz @OrchardFelts. I always think I’m making things exactly the same (so I can use a previous photo mainly) but there’s always some minor difference. I’m never sure whether a customer will notice that a gemstone is darker or a Pussycat’s face has a crosser expression! Perhaps if prospective customers have never seen the original and “best”, they’ll think your tealight holders are perfect ( and they probably are! ) :slight_smile: Good luck with your craft fair!..

I hate when I design a pattern and it works just right but then I find a different yarn and I have to slightly re write my pattern so it comes out the right size.

I’m an ex chemist I spent 12 years doing reactions where I knew it didn’t matter how closely I tried to replicate a reaction (especially someone else’s work) the result would almost certainly be different. We used to blame it on phases of the moon until we discovered that variations in a biological assay really were caused by the lunar cycle. You have to learn to roll with it or you go insane.

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@SashaGarrett, I love the theory that that the phases of the moon really do affect things. I have heard tell that the maternity units are always busier when the moon is full and also statistically there is a small increase in crime :scream:

From personal experience I think there are so many variables that can change when you are creating something that are almost impossible to control so it is not surprising that things turn out differently. The best chance you have of making something nearly the same is by using some kind of mould, but even then there will be small differences.

However, these small differences make each piece unique, so that the buyer is getting something that nobody else has, and that is the beauty of handmade. Your customer may even like the “imperfect” version better than your own favourite!

Sam x

Ooh and I just thought of something else!

Random variables can also seriously affect something which many people think is perfect, precise and never fails-Information Technology systems.

Apparently, (according to my tame IT consultant) static charges, random bits of code, the temperature of the room etc, can all affect how your PC or mobile phone works. Apparently IT systems are “Intrinsically Unpredictable” and can often throw up “Random Results” without it being your fault at all. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the thing where, for no apparent reason, a computer fails to start up correctly one morning because it “forgot” how to (a file got sorted in the wrong place) the previous night.

Getting metaphysical about it-the Universe is finely balanced between Cosmic Order on the massive scale, and Chaos on the Quantum scale. Apparent control must therefore be completely illusory anyway. Worth thinking about when you look at what is going on in global politics…

Sam x

It’s the same when you add up a row of numbers. First time = always correct.
2nd time = no chance.

3rd time =should be OK again :slight_smile:


Talking of lunar cycles, I used to visit a residential home for work and one day the residents were being particularly argumentative. When I spoke to the owner about it he said it happened every time there was a full moon!

Tell me about it! Resin is so unpredictable, sometimes it comes out more beautiful than I expected, other times it’s just a mess! :joy: