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Why do unpaid 'sales' appear on shop pages?

Could Folksy clarify why ‘sales’ appear on shop pages and in our order sections before the customer has actually made a payment? Also why can a customer place an order without immediately making a payment? This means a listing is then unavailable to other customers, and it seems the onus is on the shop owner to ‘chase’ payment.

This is the way it works at the moment, but there was a thread recently about it possibly changing which caused a great deal of debate.

Often when someone ‘buys’ something but doesn’t pay it’s because they’re struggling with making payment, maybe having trouble with Paypal or something like that. The way it is at the moment alerts you to the fact someone is trying to buy your item and gives you the opportunity to politely enquire if they have a problem and assist them to make payment. There will always be those who change they’re minds after ‘buying’ but that’s just the downside to the current system.

Here’s that thread I was mentioning, have a read of this to get the full debate:

Thank Margaret. I don’t think sales should appear on the front pages until they are actually complete. If a customer changes their mind can they just remove the item from their baskets?

If someone simply puts things in their basket it doesn’t remove the item from your shop and they can remove it if they wish with no commitment having been made. Sometimes though, they go through the committing to pay stage and then change their mind/get distracted and forget to pay/struggle with paypal etc.

The argument on that thread seems to be that if you only get notification when payment has gone through, you’ll never know about those buyers that genuinely wanted to buy but struggled with the system for some reason.

Thank Margaret - very interesting, obviously a common problem! If Paypal is often the issue it begs the question as to why direct checkout isn’t available, as it is on Etsy.

Hi @Inglivintage. James @JamesB started a discussion about this, you can read it here. x

That’s a whole other debate!lol Why not get involved in that other thread that me and Kelly have given the link to.

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lol Margaret @Louisa15. x :laughing:

It’s not always a paypal problem it might be a customer confusion problem or internet connection outage on the customers end or a myriad of other problems. But at least the seller gets too know there’s something wrong and they can then politely contact the would be buyer to try and assist them.

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Hi James - all I know is I have never had any similar issues on Etsy. From what I have read it seems to be a fairly common problem here, and if people are struggling with the payment system, then it needs to be looked at by Folksy and improved. It might not be a problem for Folksy, but to be honest I don’t want to have to spend my time emailing people and trying to solve Paypal payment problems. If someone changes their mind, then fair enough, but surely there could be a ‘time out’ phasing before the listing returns to be available in a shop, say 2 hours.

The reason you don’t get these issues on Etsy is because you don’t get that first notification…so if a customer there is having a problem paying you are not aware of it. Maybe not knowing means less work for you…but it could also mean a lost sale.
If you see an item on the front page ‘being bought now’ it could just mean someone has put it in their basket…if that is the case then it will still be available for someone else in your shop until they actually confirm they want to buy it.

I think you should have posted that comment in the actual topic that James @JamesB started @Inglivintage. Maybe copy and paste it inside there too? x