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Why does my 'Made in' title say '69' and not where it was actually made?

Hi, whenever I type in or select where my item was made it changes to a number. Is it supposed to do that and be a sort of code? If not how do I fix it? It looks like I made my items in '69!
Hope someone can help!

I have a glitch that displays the numeral ‘9’ rather than Birmingham.

If you type where you are into the box and then click away from it rather than selecting from the drop down box or pressing enter when you have finished typing it will correctly display your location. Admin do know about the issue but it is a fairly low priority thing to fix.

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Thank you @SashaGarrett ! I just tried that and it works, thanks!

Thanks for that, will try for mine too.

I have to say its been a low priority for some time. I have had the same issue since at least January.