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Would there be interest in Personalised Boy and Girl Animals Using Their Names

Hi I’m Jonny and am self taught.
I have listed two items at the minute to showcase what I do.
I take the name of a boy or girl and draw it into the shape of an animal.
I sell them as A4 print only
All hand drawn
To date I have 10 boys names and 10 girls name but haven’t listed them all as yet as not sure what the interest will be as the product only has appeal to that name.
There are a lot of George and Olivias out there but am I looking for a needle in a haystack

I’m wondering if there is a way of setting up the listing so that the buyer can specify the name they want turning into an animal so you don’t have to guess what names/ animals will be popular. But you do then potentially run the risk of ending up with a request for a name that can’t be turned into an animal. Maybe the folksy hive mind can come up with a solution.

Thanks Sasha that’s a good idea though some names lean themselves to certain animals. For example names beginning with a G or an M work well with a Giraffe.

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You could suggest that the customer contacts you first to check a name and animal is viable, not sure if you could have a sample with a well used names for sale but have an option in variations for what they want and pm you.

That’s a great idea, thank you for suggesting that. I may put on ten popular boys names and girls names and give people the option to direct message me if they have another name and at the least they can see the other animals and names to give them an idea. I have to say I am really enjoying the friendliness and welcoming feel that Folksy has.

I agree Jonny we all work as a collective to help each other, we all know no I in team.

Check the most popular baby UK names going back as many years for your top age group, that will help with your selections.

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I love this idea and believe it would be popular. I would also love to see them in frames, keychains or even as birthday cards. Good luck!

Thanks Caroline, I will :grinning:

Thanks very much, I hope so. Hadn’t thought about birthday cards or keychains. Is it difficult to source frames and securely post them so they don’t get damaged?

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It sounds like a good idea to put the most popular names as listings and then request people to contact you for different names.
Although you could set it up using variations, I imagine with this sort of thing you’d get people being very particular saying “I want this name turned into this animal in this colour” and it might not always be possible, so at least if they have to contact you first then you can discuss what you can/can’t do before they make a payment that might need refunding.

I definitely think something cheaper like cards or a small gift sounds like a good idea too, because as much as I would love to just be selling original art, the cards are always so much easier to sell.
Especially if you could do something generic to suit anyone, like “Happy Birthday” turned into a couple of animals. Those little items can be really helpful for getting people to find your shop and make a first purchase, and once they’ve had one good purchase you’re in their mind for when they want something bigger.

I would definitely add a few more examples though, as 2 listings feels like an empty shop, and I’d wonder whether you’re just starting up or closing down with so few. I think 8 listings (so 2 full rows) would probably help it feel more complete.
I see your current items have a quantity of 10, as you don’t have a Plus account, more items with a lower quantity would probably be a better use of your fees (as one person isn’t likely to buy 10 prints of the same name, so you could easily have a quantity of 1 for those and just relist as they sell).

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Thanks Kim that’s great advice
I was thinking of going Plus which I have done now and there are now 12 different names, 6 boys and 6 girls. I have added the option of personalised ones win the about section if it’s not listed.

Good idea re birthday cards I just need to work out how to do them

Thanks again

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