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Yahoo banned site

I was looking at yahoo results and found I was missing from them so I went to the banned site checker and three of my sites are banned from yahoo search but not from google or msn. Has anyone had this problem ?
Could it be the reason for the recent decline in hits ? I can only think that it may have been due to a couple of p.o.d sites I had simular content on that I have now closed down,the only words I use a lot are sterling silver and watercolour to describe my work,surely this isn’t cramming.
If you want check your status search for yahoo banned site checker.

Not going to lie…but I don’t know anyone who uses anything other than Google. I don’t either and Google is the main player by a landslide anyway so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you come up on the first page of Google that’s a big plus.


My Folksy shop is apparently banned too according to one website, but when I search for it on Yahoo it appears.

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Well that makes me feel better as I am ok with google and msn not banned,but annoying thoug and wondered if has anything to do with the recent decline in hits on Folksy in general if it is happening to others.
Thanks though I started to feel like I was listing to myself.

Yes,it had crossed my mind that the checker tool may be at fault but I have closed down two dead horse p.o.d sites with simular content,they were a waste of time anyway.
Thanks,you and Susannah have cheered me up so shan’t let it worry me.

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