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Your Folksy Goals for Q1 2017

I wondered if anyone was interested in listing their goals for 2017. I thought it might be fun to list them for the first Q1 (JAN, FEB, MAR) and then I will capture them and we can review them in April? I’ve added mine below to get things rolling…


  1. Increase social media presence by tweeting/ using instagram/ Facebook once per day (yikkees) to drive traffic to my folksy shop. Spend more time chatting with my folksy friends!

  2. Double last years JAN, FEB, MAR sales figures (believe me they were quite low!)

  3. Re-photograph all shop items (again) by mid Jan

4. Get an order into my local shop by end Jan for valentines/ Mothers day


Oh and maybe I should add…

-revamp my banner!

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  1. Revamp the last of my old style photos to give my shop a consistent look so that I feel confident applying for the Ely Cathedral Christmas market.
  2. Photograph and list all the items I made in the run up to Christmas and didn’t sell at the fairs (this point should perhaps start with figure out which bits aren’t currently listed online so that I can…)
    And on that note - its sunny here so I’m off to find the camera.
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I don’t think my goal should be to double sales this Quarter, as 0 x 2 =0 :wink:

Hopefully I will get one or two sales this February. I aim to do this by promoting to men on Facebook and see what happens. I won’t get any new followers this way, but I ought to be getting a sale around Valentines Day.

Sam x

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Initially my goal is to get one more sale, to make it to 100 sales on Folksy.
My goal for the whole year is to continue to increase sales - made 29 sales in 2015 and 44 in 2016, so I’m aiming for at least 50 sales this year.
If they are spread fairly evenly over the year I suppose I am hoping for about 12 sales by the end of March (fingers very firmly crossed) :sweat:


My goals for this year are to minimise the amount of different designs i make, cutting back on the cheaper items as it just makes my shop look cluttered, producing more than 1 of each item, and better photo’s
Goal for sales for the first 3 month = 22
and for the year 50
Keeping it realistic so hopefully do-able :smiley:
Sales last jan/feb/March 18
Total for the year 41

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My goals for Q1 are: 1- Promote myself more on Social Media, 2 - Finish off, photograph and list, items I have designed for Valentine’s Day and 3 - Make and add more items to my weddings range. We will see :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to have more of a presence on Folksy and of course sell more as still trying to get known.

I will also attempt to improve the look of my shop.

Contribute as much as I can on the forums.

Try and support others by buying some items from Folksy.


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I would like to maintain my momentum and the focus I had over Christmas and continue adding products to my shop. The plan is…

  • To add at least 10 new products every month

  • Launch Valentines products by the end of the month

  • Re Stock best sellers

  • Launch Mother’s Day products in Feb

  • Launch a new range by mid March

  • Promote, promote, promote. Have a promotional plan.

That should keep me out of mischief!

Good luck everyone with your goals x

My main goals are to list more items and to start re doing a weekly blog post, there’s been lots of personal things going on and I neglected my blog and my facebook. x

Try to list more regularly, and to use social media more frequently … well thats the plan … fingers crossed :wink:

This is a great thread!

I am going to organise my social media to save some time. I am planning on using a service to schedule tweets and facebook. Then start up on Instagram.
Then I am going to restock my neglected Folksy shop and promote it as much as I do on the other side.
Finally I want to increase my product range. I have prints designed I just need to photograph and list but Christmas just got in the way!

Best of Luck everyone! xx

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