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Your perfect day

(Christina Green) #1

If you could have your fairy godmother waive her magic wand and make you a perfect day, what would you do?

I think I’d kick off with croisants and steaming hot tea for breakfast, then a leisurely drive over to Dunwich (Suffolk coast) for a few hours by the sea. Fish and chips at the excellent Flora Tearooms (assuming it’s still there after all the extreme weather!). A gentle drive home, with the kids asleep in the back of the car. And to top it off, some jewellery making in the evening looking out over the garden as the sun sets and the kids bounce on the trampoline… Oh and a walk with the ferrets too, seems like a long day… must be one of those endless summer ones near the solstice… :wink:

(Little Ramstudio) #2


You just have to get their photos in the pet pics thread:)

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Christine your day sounds lovely …

I have two types of perfect day … one where I get to paint all day, make lots of mess waxing !!! the phone never rings and someone else makes the lunch and dinner … and I have to say Hubby (Adrian) is great and these days do happen :slight_smile:

My other perfect day would be a day with Adrian, a walk along the beach, maybe lunch at a local pub, the sun is out and we can just be together, after all, its the simple things that matter to me …

(Christina Green) #4

I’ve noticed that encaustic art seems to be highly addictive! I used to do craft fairs doing another craft and when I met wax artists they were always in love with their craft! Very handy that your OH will do dinner for you, mine says that he loves to cook, but somehow rarely does…!

(Christina Green) #5

I’m going to try and get some photos now but the little darlin’s move a bit fast!

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

oh it is very addictive Christine, there is never enough time to paint in wax … it really is my passion :slight_smile: Its 3 years this weekend since I first started painting in wax, and the last 12 months, I decided to give it my best shot … and it is going good with some of my Art In Wax now on 3 continents lol

Yes hubby is a good cook, and he enjoys it, we share the cooking, depends on work mostly, we have a decorating business so that keeps him busy, I work part time too … I would love to be a full time artist … but that will come … hopefully :slight_smile:

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #7

I’ve made a board on Pinterest with 40 pictures showing what my perfect day would look like…

Here it is…

It would involve a lie in, lots of sunshine and lazing around on beaches/ forests with lots of hot drinks and snacks, mmm… I’d need lots of cheese too… mmm… cheese…

Emma x

(Christina Green) #8

Love your perfect day and perfect day Pinterest board! There’s quite a Nordic feel to it - all those pine trees and that calm, soothing water!

(Minerva) #9

For me it would be filled with good food, good wine, coffee and delicious cakes.
Then I would like peace & quiet, countryside and smell of the sea.