October Optimists Daily Listing Challenge Thread! 1st to 31st October 2015

@CraftsCouncil - open a window with your listing showing. Go to the top and copy the URL (it starts https:folksy.com/items…). Then return to the forums and paste it into the comments box but make sure it goes onto a line on its own with no leading spaces otherwise the photo won’t show.

Natalie @NOfkantsCurios can you please add sale number 2 to the tally :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Carol x


new listing from me today , just finished this morning


Afternoon Optimists,
Hopefully we will all make lots of sales in October and still be feeling optimistic by the end of the month. :grinning:
I was hoping to report a sale, but it’s been over an hour since the Folksy notification came into my inbox and I still haven’t received payment. Fingers crossed that the customer responds to my e-mail this afternoon.

Anyway, here is my first offering for October, a set of jolly winter robins.

Hiya optimists!

Fingers crossed for a good month of sales for all of us😉
Caught up on pinning but I’ll make a new pin board for this month

I’ve a sale to report too Natalie @NOfkantsCurios X

Here’s mine today and I’ll read through later Steph X

Welcome back Baggie Aggie, here’s a link to the thread that explains it better than I can, hope it helps :smile:


Just popping in to say this is my new board

Steph x

Thank you, Diane! Will give it a try in a mo. And thank you too for the welcome. :smile:

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A fab tablet case, made to order for iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab and more:

Yay! It’s worked!


Something new from me

Hi all,

I have finally started to list my Christmas cards. It seems to start earlier every year. Here’s is one which has a free gift card included in the price.

Jeanie x

Afternoon, commissions finished and even managed to finish this lapis spinner ring Oooooooooo feeling shattered

Oh did i do it a long time since i tried this


heres’ a relist from me , needs a little loving

Hi, I hope it’s okay if I join in again this month, I will endeavour to keep up with it ( didn’t last month)

Off to pin etc.


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What a busy day at work! Phew I’m pooped! Could do with a bat of wine, but unfortunately it’s not Friday! ;-(

Well done Carol and Steph on being the first Optimist sales! Happy dancing for you both!

Natalie x

All caught up to here! :slight_smile:

My listing for October 1st

All done to here, time for tea and a chill out now me thinks,
Oh go on Natalie @NOfkantsCurios spoil yourself you deserve it, i’ll send you a virtual one as a thank you for all you do keeping us in check over the month :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the sales so far. Fingers crossed for everyone.

We’ve clicked, loved and pinned to here: https://www.pinterest.com/lizzyanthusgems/folksy-finds/

The wren painting is gorgeous Max @paperchainsandbeads not surprised its sold.
Your baby cardigans are lovely Carol @Knittingtopia
Love the bangle @MidnightStarDesigns
That spinner ring is stunning Jax @JacquelineOJewellery

We’ve got a few listings to start off the month with, hope you don’t mind…



Good luck everyone

Lizzy & Chryssi


Nothing new from me today but wanting to wish you all a great October. Some lovely listings.