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Gift ideas, special offers, promotions, competitions and giveaways. Share and talk about what you’re listing on Folksy.

Craft Talk

A place to talk about art, craft and what you're making.

Shop Talk

Ask other sellers about selling on Folksy.

UK Craft Events

Find, discuss and promote local craft events, organisations and meetups!

Fancy a Cuppa

Off topic chat, for anything that isn’t art or craft related.


Looking for a particular kind of product on Folksy, or need some recommendations for craft supplies? Post your requests here.


Discussion about this forum, its organisation, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Folksy Issues & Updates

Site issues, plus announcements and service updates from Folksy Admin.

Press Requests

Sometimes we get requests from journalists or bloggers looking for a specific product or story that fits their brief. If we spot one that we think could be good for Folksy sellers or we need a little help, we'll post it here.

Gift Guides

We are constantly updating our gift guides and looking for products to feature in new collections, so this is the place to come to see which guides we're working on and what we're looking for.

Folksy Friday

Every Friday we want YOU, the good folk of Folksy, to help us spread the word about all the amazing handmade items on Folksy by taking part in Folksy Friday!

Theme of the Day

In this category you’ll be able to find the homepage Theme of Day, see the list of themes and tags for the current month, and suggest themes for the following month.