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HI All, It’s been a while since I last played this game, but I love this little robot:

As I’ve been to the dentist today my word is Tooth!


Found this wonderful tooth fairy pot.

The item search word I choose is Seagull.

Love this brooch

My word is Toastie!

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Love this scarf, looks so toastie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My word is Garden

There were lots of lovely finds under the word ‘garden’, but I think this by William @Driftingalong was my favourite:
My word is island

Love this atmospheric painting by Graham.

My word is balloon.

Oh this is beautiful

My word is Squirrel on International Squirrel Day

Afternoon all,

I couldn’t resist this little fellow!

My word is brains because my little man’s brain licker is on the shelf i’m looking at! :rofl:

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This is certainly a bit different!
My word is whale


Love these little happy earrings

My word is soup

There are some lovely soup bowl listed on Folksy and I have chosen these by Juliet of @AbsolutelyClay

My word is spring


Love this print from Giclee @FizzStudio

My word is lamb

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Thought I would resurface this thread :slight_smile:
These two look rather cheeky from Terry Hawkins Slate Art…

My word is fire

I went to look up ‘fire’ and was surprised to find that a lot of the listings there were mine! Fire engine T-shirt
My word is… dragon

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I’d forgotten about this thread! Glad it’s come to light again :slightly_smiling_face:
Lots of lovely dragons, but this one made me smile!..

My word is gardener…
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That’s funny, I nearly put the word Dragon then changed it to fire! :laughing:

This is fun… I found this piece from @thimbleville it’s lovely.

My word is RAIN, only because it’s pouring down just now and I forgot to bring my washing in… Grrr


This is really sweet from @SmilingBumblebee

My next word is WASHING

Loving this wash bag,

Next word is MONSTER

Love this Monster Baby Mobile - but it scared me!!!

Next word is Soap

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