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Suggestions for our Gifts for Gardeners guide please!

(Caroline Wong) #424

Hand stitched dandelion card and bee cards

(TheGlassArk) #425

A gardener’s gift to hang in the greenhouse

(Elizabeth & Chryssanthi) #426

We have some pretty leaf jewellery:

(Sharon Greaves) #427

A little 6” Hoop Art embroidery “Chicken coop”

A family of cheeky chicks having a good old natter and hanging the bunting out at the coop! A mixture of freemotion and hand embroidery with tiny pieces of appliquéd fabric including liberty, gingham and dots give you a lovely whimsical design ideal for a gardener, animal lover and chicken keeper alike!

(Alexi Francis) #428

A Green Man greetings card:

(Caroline Wong) #429

Pineapple Cards

(Alexi Francis) #430

Leaf dyed t-shirts :slight_smile:

(Nicolette Nason) #431

Hi everyone…this is my first day of throwing myself into forum threads and I am finding it slightly addictive LOL! I am also a keen gardener and plant lady so this is a thread close to my heart. Great to see so many inspirational gifts here. I have listed a keepsake pop up card with a gardening theme which an also be used as a money gift wallet.