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(Helen Healey) #224

(Lara Sims) #225

A6 Owl Notebook. We’ve also got a birthday card in this design too.

(Helen Healey) #226

(bluebellwoodturning) #227

Just added this family trio.
Family of three stylised owls, mom, daughter and son turned in beautifully figured Spalted beech. Their faces and claws have been pyrographed onto the surface of the wood. Mom stands 97mm tall and is 50mm in diameter, the daughter is 57mm tall by 50mm wide and the son is 57mm tall by 50mm wide. After being sanded smooth they have been finished with beeswax and buffed to a soft shine.

(Christine E.) #228

Cute little owls on cufflinks…

(Sarah Eves) #229

Make your own owl!

(Sue Beacham) #230

(Sarah Eves) #231


(Maureen Lacey) #232

heres one from me a ‘‘heart’’ owl in acrylic

(Sue Beacham) #233

(Sue Beacham) #234

Love your shop, all items are beautiful, your in my favourits

(Maureen Lacey) #235

That’s so kind Sue ! thank you xxx

(Midgins) #236

Lots of owls in my shop :slight_smile:

(WildlifeArtByHayley) #237

Hello, Im new here but here,v still getting my bearings on here, this is one of my owl paintings, I paint British wildlife on sustianably sourced wood slices.

(Lara Sims) #238

Owl Birthday Card

(Margaret Milgate) #239

A large padded bag, great for shopoholics, made in heavy linen/cotton and lined in deep purple.

(Roxanne Levy) #240

Relisted today

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(Sue Beacham) #242

My Eagle Owl

(Helen Healey) #243