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What I would love to sell today

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1225

Sparkly heart x

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1226

Fresh green x

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1227

Id love to sell this rich purple pendant (or any of my new items in actual fact!) x

(Bekki Stevenson) #1228

I’d love to sell this vintage inspired purse

I love your new pendants Jo @LittleTrinketGirl. They are so pretty!

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1229

Hi Bekki, ooh thanx lots! That’s kind of you. Ive got about 25 more to list - wow it takes ages!
Love that clutch bag, looks really expensive! x

(Bekki Stevenson) #1230

Thanks Jo, :blush: My purses are my more pricey items to make, I don’t make much profit on them, but I love to sew them! Can’t wait to see your new pendants as you list them.

(Hanna-Mae Williams) #1231

My newly listed cat cards!

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1232

My pleasure.
Christmas is coming and people will pay the money if they like something, I think you’ll do well. Its even better when you really enjoy the process aswell x

(Sue Beacham) #1233

How about These

Sue …free posting UK only

(Karen Nelson) #1234

Anything really as I am still awaiting my first sale. But my rabbits would love to grace any wedding cake

(Kim Blythe) #1235

This purple bag, before I put it my wardrobe for meeee!!!:grin:

(Helen Healey) #1236

I’d love to sell this cushion which I’ve further reduced in price to £5.

(PollysWares138) #1237

I would love to sell this lovely lapis lazuli jewellery set today.

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1238

My new sparkly red heart x

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1239

And a wildflower pendant

(Kim Blythe) #1240

(Sue Beacham) #1241

Any sales would be good, no sales for three months,before that I can’t remember, I’m deflated

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1242

This one is a little larger than my others but still lots of flowers and sparkles x

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1243

For the sparkly Christmas season x

(LittleTrinketGirl) #1244

Vibrant sparkles x