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2014 Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses Festival- Every weekend in May

(Michaela Wrigley) #1

I am exhibiting at the Brighton and Hove Open Houses Festival- it starts this weekend ( May 3rd & 4th )
It would be lovely to meet you Folksy people and for you to actually see my work in the flesh ! It will be a great weekend in Brighton lots of arty stuff going on ( info. below )


Peanut Butter Tree Arts
is opening for the
2014 Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses Festival

3 Lawrence Road, Hove BN3 5QA

Come and share wine and nibbles, meet many of our 18 featured artists and designers, treat yourself to original artworks and help us raise money for Friends of Sussex Hospices (FSH).

The exhibition will be open at weekends and Bank Holidays throughout May 11.00 – 6.00pm (Closed Sat 31 May).

(Christine Shephard) #2

I’m hoping to get over there one weekend in May Michaela, and will certainly add you to my list of must-see venues. I’m exhibiting in the Worthing Arts Trail again this year, which is on in June over 3 weekends - lots to do still to get ready for it, but really looking forward to it.

(Nifty) #3

I visited brighton’s open houses a couple of years ago - well worth a visit, there are LOADS of great artists there. I hope to come this year too, so shall say hello if I’m feeling brave!

(Nifty) #4

ooh - had I noticed you’re in worthing? we’ve recently moved to littlehampton, hadn’t heard of the worthing arts trail yet so that sounds great. more details please!

(Christine Shephard) #5

I’m in Littlehampton too Nifty! We must meet up for coffee one day and swap crafty notes. The Worthing Arts Trail is smaller than Brighton’s but growing every year.
It starts 14/15 June this year, and is on for 3 consecutive weekends. The brochure should be out very soon now.

(Nifty) #6

why did I think you’re in worthing? will convo you

(Michaela Wrigley) #7

Look forward to seeing you Christine and Nifty… ah don’t be scared Nifty. Now I shall be asking everyone are you

(Nifty) #8

LOL there won’t be many meerkats visiting.

though actually, little known secret - I am human.

I’ve been trying to download a map to no avail, I shall have to get my son to grab me one, both my sons live in Brighton.

(Nifty) #9

I’ve just seen on facebook that you’re in Derbyshire Michaela - brighton is a long way to go!

(Nifty) #10

LOL - I was brave - but you weren’t there when we visited Michaela!

(Christine Shephard) #11

I was there today too - were we there at the same time Nifty?! - but also missed you Michaela. Loved your ceramics though, spent ages chatting to the photo lady, and had a great time wandering around West Hove. We visited 7 houses in all and saw some amazing art - it was brilliant :smile:

(Nifty) #12

I wonder! toying with going over to see some of chichester’s trail today

(Michaela Wrigley) #13

Hi Christine and Nifty
Ah thanks for coming to see me and I’m glad you liked my work, it is such a lovely house I am in wasn’t it?
We managed a day looking around the trail … we only did 5 houses there is so much art in each one and food and drinks… took us ages but it was great, such a good vibe about the place.
I have sold a sculpture already so thats good ! I’m back again at the end of May to pack up I will be at the house on the bank holiday monday 26th if you want to try again?