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Advice on making a creature costume for halloween?

Hello. I’ve had the amazing idea of making a costume of one of these creatures for Halloween.
Only I’m not a creative crafty person, I’m a geek.
So I wouldn’t know where to start.
But then @folksycontent suggested that I could ask for advice on the forums. She has lots of good ideas like that.
So: What would people advise as the best way to make one of these:


Thanks in advance for any & all advice!


Oh, I mean the big creatures, not the pig or the child. Although children are pretty scary, too. :slight_smile:


Chicken wire and papier mache are your friends here, Doug.

It beats my childhood fancy dress outfit of a bin liner with holes cut into it for my head and arms, a witches hat and of course a giant pumpkin which very quickly became too heavy and someone else had to carry it.

Though- bin liners might help you here for some of it!!


First slaughter your cow… :slight_smile:


I made a similar shaped dragon mask once using papier mache and cardboard over a pear shaped balloon.
But as Camilla said chicken wire may be easier.
Show us a pic when you’re done :slight_smile:

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Another vote for paper mache here :slight_smile: I’ve made lots of animal heads (used to produce pantos) and we had all sorts of animals to create - I prefer using a balloon or a cardboard frame base (old cereal box cut into strips and taped into a base) - and would always recommend a strip of upholstery foam around the inside of the crown both for comfort and for keeping the head in place :slight_smile:

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Paper mache would be easiest for the head, for the rest the bin liners as someone suggested or if you need it to be more comfortable (if you’re going to a party rather than just trick or treating) then a black sheet or black dress lining material (sheets and lining material were the starting point for many party/school play costumes when my 2 were younger)