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Alphabet Game 2020

U is for Underwater Christmas :tropical_fish:

V is for Vanilla:

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W is for “Waiting for Santa.”

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X is for Xmas Tree Decorations

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Y is for ‘you’ve got this’

Z is for zig zag blanket

A is for Another hottie!!!

B is for baby blanket

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C is for Crochet - here’s my crochet wall hanging in plum

D is for Don’t Leave Home Without It! :laughing:

E is for eye mask.

F is for Father Christmas

G is for Green Christmas tree tea cosie

H is for Hare and Moon needle felted picture.

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I is for Icy weather, when a hottie is required!!

J is for Jolly colourful

Beautiful xx

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K is for Key-Ring with a picture of a Hare sitting.

L is for a Lovely Lorry on a teether for a Little Lad (Or maybe for a Little Lady!) :

M is for a Mauve pearl jewellery set