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Angel wings

Im in the mood to make Xmas decorations and Id like to make angels.
Im experimenting with wing ideas by using the heat up irridescent film and wire(the iron is currently getting to the right temp as I type).
I just wondered if I could be nosey and ask how you make your wings if you make angel and fairy items.
Please add pics,Id love to see.

So my iridescent film idea is on hold.
Ive bought a wing mould which I think il fill with hot glue and add a wire between the 2 wings(luckily they are side by side in the mold) so the wire should connect them together so I can solder the wings on.
Also, I was making a head dress for my keepsake dolls and realised I could make wings from this headpin idea if I attached the ends on the left closer together and solder them together.

Going back to the question about making, I used the iridescent film from
I found to strengthen them that wrapping fishing wire around or smokey beading wire helped the stability.

The Wing mould is very posh :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I had that stuff in mind but had no idea what it was called.

Im using a mould as I have no modelling skill so I have to cheat.

You dont need modelling skills you just bend a wire into the shape you want then keep dipping it in the paint, the more dips the thicker the paint, you can start with plain and add to it including glitter and lace.