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August-weekly-listings-and-promotions-30th August- 5th September 2015

(Stephanie Short) #1

Welcome to the August Weekly listings and promotions thread!

Everyone welcome – this is a special place to showcase your listings if you only list weekly or even monthly

Please feel free to join in – don’t feel that you have to ask or wait to be invited.

The aim is to list an item (or more or less!) each week and post it on this thread. Once you have posted your picture link then please promote the person above you and any others you wish to, using Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, facebook etc. For each listing you make you promote at least one other.

Please say how you have promoted the person above with your listing post- thank you

Most importantly we will support each other through positive comments and general chat- pop by when you can.

A new thread will be started for each week on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Looking forward to sharing our listings!

Steph x

(Stephanie Short) #2

Hiya all!
Welcome to another week which takes us all into September …can you believe it! How quick has the year gone! Seems to get quicker every year…or is that just age, do you think??:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
A relist from me to start us off

See you all later steph xx

(Mandi Wilson) #3

Newly listed today. Pinned the item above me to my ‘love these’ board.

Thanks for looking xx

(Sue Mellem) #4

Thanks for starting this week’s thread Steph @stephshortstationery. Lovely card & great wall hanging Mandi @mandielliottwilson

Both pinned to my usual pinboard

A new crystal necklace from me

(candlestax) #5

Thanks for the thread Steph @stephshortstationery. Some high quality items on here at the minute-especially those form Beadstorm Jewellery @BeadstormJewellery. Lovely cards form @stephshortstationery. Beautiful hand crafted work from Mandi also @mandielliottwilson. Thank you guys for sharing your creations!!

(Lynn Britton) #6

Morning all, hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend.
Have pinned all your gorgeous goodies to my Folksy 15 Board
Just a relist from me

(Sue Mellem) #7


Thanks Paul @candlestax. Your candle looks great and the photo is very effective.
Lovely bag Lynn @erkinwald.

I’ll be putting my shop in holiday mode later today until the 12th.
Wishing you lots of sales.
Steph @stephshortstationery Would you be able to start next week’s thread again on Sunday please?

Sue x

(Fallon1986) #8

morning everyone! Happy 1st September (can’t believe it is here already!)

Today I would like to share this ice cream tub bookmark with you. I know we haven’t had much summer to have ice cream, but thought this may cheer everyone up from the bad weather!

Will be launching lots of the Christmas collection later this week too, with new lines for 2015!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Good morning everyone it’s cool and gray out here and very damp so looks like I won’t be working in my veggie plot to day.

I know what you mean September all ready which means my baby brother will be 49years old next week and yes Christmas is so close now it’s coming far too quickly I think it must be my age :open_mouth: :frowning:

I’ve pinned everything to my September board and I’ve have one of my Christmas themed Teapot cosy listed

(Stephanie Short) #10

Happy September everyone! Can’t believe its September !!
White rabbits and all of that :grinning::grinning:

Will catch up on everyone’s posts when I get back this afternoon but for now I have a new Pk of gingham and spotted bows from supply shop

See you all in a bit, enjoys the sun if you have it☀️☀️Steph xx

(Lynn Britton) #11

Gosh September already, where has the year gone.
Have pinned all the above and listed this

(Stephanie Short) #12

A special offer today

Steph x

(Sue Beacham) #13

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

All pinned up to here and have a new listing

(Stephanie Short) #15

Hiya all! Hope all is well!

Here’s my new today, not much to look at but very useful for XMAS crafts!

Steph xx

(Lynn Britton) #16

Morning one and all, have pinned all you gorgeous goodies and have listed these

(Eileens Craft Studio) #17

pinned up to here.

I will be back sunday as I have to go up to Bedfordshire due to a family emergency.

(Stephanie Short) #18

Hiya all!

Eileen @EileensCraftStudio hope everything is ok?? Thinking of you x

Apologies not pinned today’s as yet but I hope you are all doing ok and have great plans for the weekend😃
I have another special offer today a Pk of ten XMAS cards at a reduced price…before the rush starts!:wink:

Back later on steph x