Birthday card

This card is approximately 5x5 and will come with a white envelope.
This was hand drawn then cut and attached to the card, then using chalk pens I coloured it.

This will arrive gift wrapped and in a padded envelope to protect the card

show it on the card making thread for everyone to see x

How do I do that? X

go back to the forums ( here) and KEEP scrolling until you find the one that says hand made greetings cards…it is quite a long way down…I copied the URL and hope it works…if it doesn’t just go back and keep scrolling…


Thank you brenda for all your help it really means alot to me x

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my pleasure…I see you found the card thread…well done…
There are lots of other threads that you can post on…or even start your own one…
Some threads are about colours. etc…so any that you find you can post on…good luck x


Thank you so much, the help i have received from you has been so valuable and appreciated x