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Brown is not boring!

(Melanie Commins) #21

Props for brown :slight_smile:

(Pamela West) #22

A brown baby cardie

(Blackthorpe) #23

A couple of cuddly insect cushions, a lighter shade of brown.

(Melanie Commins) #24

The 1970s totally knew it.

I’m still waiting for all those fantastic combinations of browns, oranges and yellows to make their big comeback!

(Little Red Apple) #25

Some great things here - I’m a fan of brown! Here’s one of my walnut necklaces, nice and brown as you can see and goes with all sorts!

(Cynthia Brock) #26

There are several shades of brown in this Botswana Agate necklace

(Rosesworkshop) #27

(Jenny Baxter) #28

(Mandie Bailey) #29

I love walnut with silver

(LittleGemsJewells) #30

(Theresa Hing) #31

(Roxanne Levy) #32

(bluebellwoodturning) #33

As a maker in wood which is usually a variety of shades of brown I would have to refute that brown is boring !!

more evidence in my shop.

(Elaine Briars) #34

Brown Owl

(Minerva) #35

(Jenny Baxter) #36

(Tina Martin) #37

Personalised new baby boy brown bunny announcements;

(Cynthia Brock) #38

A long brown Goldstone necklace

(Suzzie Godfrey) #39

Bertie Bear clothes hanger is anything but boring

(Helen Clifford) #40