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Cards and Papercraft Weekly Monday Thread 10/6 to 16/6/19

Dear All

A place to show all paper crafts and card making projects and items you have in your shops that come under the Papercraft theme.

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked, blogged to your heart’s content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

This week’s theme is ‘floral’

But if you haven’t anything that fits the bill, please list anything, your favourite, latest make, all to make a busy thread.

Good luck everyone

Tina :slight_smile: x

Morning everyone :slight_smile:

Absolutely pouring with rain here today, just got very wet walking to the post office this morning.

So this is my first card for this week’s floral theme. (from my latest collection)



Great theme Tina and love your card, and the euphorbia!!

No rain here yet, been a lovely sunny morning, sorry Tina, wonder how long it will stay dry?

Here is mine for today



Evening folks…

Have had a lot of heavy rain here recently but today was gloriously hot and sunny! Even got to sit outside :slight_smile:

Love the cards ladies… mine for today… black and white floral wedding card…

Yvonne x


This is more gardening than floral…

With the weather this week it looks like a good opportunity to make a few more cards! :umbrella::umbrella:


Hi :slight_smile:

Lovely cards everyone.

My card for today;


Love this, is that Lady’s Mantle too? Mine is loving the rain this year!!

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Hello Tina@DaisyWings and Carol @cariadcrafts11 back for a bit, my back has been so bad I took a break and read instead, the original disc has gone again after 3 ops and very upset to find the one above has gone as well, had been dreading that!!! Hope you are both good.
This card comes in two ways



Welcome back @bramleycards, we had missed you. So sorry to hear about your back problems, can anything be done to help?

Well what a day yesterday, cold and wet but it was such a joyous and loving occasion at my son’s wedding. We are

Trying again, as wouldn’t let me type anything???

We are taking it easy today, it was a long day, with travelling involved, but wouldn’t change anything:-)

Here is mine on this floral theme

Carol xx


Thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11, How wonderful to enjoy your son’s wedding, hope you had a lovely day. Don’t blame you taking it easy today.
I am waiting to see if they can add a wire in the base of the spinal column by the nerves, than they can be controlled by switching them off!! I am not able to have any more ops on bottom disc, also have bolts for curvature of spine!!

June birthday


Hi :slight_smile:

Yes, welcome back Sue @bramleycards sorry to hear about your back, I hope that something can be done to help. I’ve had a few healthy issues of the last few years and have found sitting at a desk causes problems, so I can understand why you had a break. Lovely to see you back.

Pleased to hear that you had such a lovely day at your son’s wedding Carol @cariadcrafts11 Hope you’ve enjoyed your rest today.

The rain just keep’s coming, doesn’t it, my card’s looking very sorry for itself. We have lots of baby birds in the garden too, flitting in and out of the rain.

Anyway, here’s my card for today;


Thanks Tina @DaisyWings just waiting to get the appointment to see if it is possible to get help. This all started 30yrs ago!!
I love your new cards. Is that Lady’s Mantle or Euphorbia on the bee card?

Mine today is


Hi all

Sue @bramleycards hope your back is better soon.

My offering today is




Wahoo I have just seen the sun!!! and so much warmer, haven’t we missed it. Makes you feel so much better

Sue @bramleycards, hope they can do something for your back

Sallyann @thegreetingscardshop, love your cards

Here is mine for today

Carol xx

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Let’s hope they can xx 30yrs is such a long time to cope with the pain.

Sorry forgot to say, yes it’s Euphorbria, one of my favourite plants :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s so lovely to see the sun Carol, @cariadcrafts11 hope it keeps shining, :slight_smile:

Lovely Tulip card Sally Ann @thegreetingscardshop

My card for today;