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Cards and Papercraft Weekly Monday thread 14/20 May 2018

(Cariad Crafts) #1

Hi All,

A place to show all papercrafts and card making projects and items you have in your shops that come under the Papercraft theme.

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked, blogged to your heart’s content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please Ask.

The theme for this week is ‘open’, list what you are most proud of, what you like the most in your shop.

Please post any item, one you like the most or best seller, just be good to see a busy thread

Good luck everyone


(Cariad Crafts) #2


Another beautiful day, hope everyone has the same, washing done and out on the line :sunny:

Please, please, if anyone has any ideas for weekly themes, please let me know, Steph is still in hospital so need all the help I can get, or if anyone would like to take over fortnightly temporarily until Steph returns, that would be a big help.


Anyway here is mine to kickstart the week

Carol xx

(Tina Martin) #3

Morning :slight_smile:

Morning Carol, helps arrived, I’ll take over fortnightly temporatily until Steph returns, starting next Monday, sure I can think of something :thinking:

Today I’m sharing my new blank cat card;

(Cariad Crafts) #4

Ah thank Tina, you are a star.

I appreciate your help soooo much

Carol xx


This is a card I love because I collect 1930’s jugs and this is my favourite, hand painted made in Devon clay but no name. I had to draw it with some flowers in that my youngest bought me ( I have a plastic pot inside it for flowers!)

(Cariad Crafts) #6


Another beautiful day and it looks set to last to the weekend. Good news for the Royal Wedding.

Hope everyone ok and enjoying the sunshine.

Had a recent customer returning one of my parchment cards with very unpleasant comments. Referring to it as decoupage, which it isn’t!!! and not fit to send to anyone. Feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. Not sure how to reply, think I will wait a day so I can calm down.

Anything like this happened to anyone? How did you feel? and react?

Anyway from a very deflated me

I am loving this latest pen and ink style card.

Carol xx

(Tina Martin) #7

HI everyone,

I haven’t had that happen, yet Carol @cariadcrafts11 don’t worry, think of all the cards that have been very happily received. Try not to feel deflated by those unkind comments, this is only one person and clearly not the view of your other customers. I would just refund, say sorry to hear it wasn’t what they expected and let it go, you just can’t please everyone. :roll_eyes:

Thinking of the Wedding, thought I’d share my sunny bouquet :slight_smile:

(Cariad Crafts) #8


Tina @DaisyWings, thank you for your wise words. I have received loads of support from other Folksy sellers, on the 365 daily listers challenge too, so I am trying to concentrate on the positives. This is the first negative I have ever received and I must admit, it floored me. But onwards and upwards now.

Here is mine for today

I love this fun card, and describes me to a T.

Carol xx

(Tina Martin) #9

Evening :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, onwards and upwards @cariadcrafts11 :slight_smile: (loving your card by the way)

Sharing my unicorn gift tags;

(Cariad Crafts) #10


Yay lovely and sunny again. More washing done and out, laundry basket now empty :-)))

Hope everyone ok, how many are going to watch ‘the wedding’? Much to my OH dismay, I will, just love to see what all the latest fashion and, of course, Meghan’s dress.

Enjoy your Friday

Here is my romantic one today

Carol xx

Carol xx

(Brenda Cumming) #11

One of my hand painted cards today

(Cariad Crafts) #12


Aren’t we lucky, another beautiful day, I think everywhere is experiencing it too, so pleased especially for the ‘wedding’. I will be watching it later, anyone else?

Brenda @teabreaks love your card, it is def worth more than £1.

Here is my romantic one for today

Have a wonderful weekend

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #13


Yay another beautiful day, how long will this carry on, but loving it, and the garden is too. Hope everyone enjoying the same.

Wasn’t the wedding lovely, showing GB pomp and ceremony at its best.

Handing over to Tina tomorrow @DaisyWings, thank you, for a wonderful themeI’m sure.

Here is my last one of the week

a lovely summery one which I love

Carol xx