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Cards and Papercraft Weekly Monday Thread 29 June/5 July

(Cariad Crafts) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is - anything to do with the garden - flowers, birds, insects etc

  • but as usual, anything will do

Carol xx

Good Luck Guys

(Cariad Crafts) #2


Hope everyone is ok and enjoying our great weekend of weather.

Big thanks to Steph @stephshortstationery for helping out last week - perhaps we could do every other week - what do you think?

Well I shall kick off with this


Carol xx

(Alittlesparkle) #3

(Tina Martin) #4

My new daisy card :smile:

(Diane Burton) #5

Every garden needs a shed (even if it’s just to store the kids bikes & scooters :slight_smile: )

I’ve created a pinterest board for this thread, please feel free to take a look, share or repin

(Cariad Crafts) #6


Wow what a gorgeous day today, hope the sun is shining for everyone

Many thanks Diane @DeesDesigns for the pinterest board, fingers x it gets lots of interest for us all, it looks great!!!
and love that shed card too :-))

Here is mine for today

cant have a garden without pretty flowers

Carol xx

(Alittlesparkle) #7

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #8

more flowers

(Lily Lily Handmade) #9

Hi all, lovely cards.
Every garden needs a watering can (this card can be personalised with any greeting).

(Diane Burton) #10

My Granny had hydrangeas in her garden but hers were more blue-lilac in colour

(Stephanie Short) #11

Hiya all!

Sorry for been awol! Thanks Carol for another week, great theme!
Yes I don’t mind at all I’ll do what ever you want, just shout when you want a break😉 I’ll start this Monday if you want??

Just relists at mo! Trying to get new stuff made…in amongst trying to get loads of household, baking, done!..blah,blah…

Back for catch up as soon as I can x

Steph xx

(Cariad Crafts) #12

Morning (just)!!!

Shopping done, unpacked, coffee in garden and cleaning done so now craft time before gardening.

Cloudy today and cooler which makes working more bearable. We didnt get much in the way of storms last night, lots of thunder and lightening tho… Did you get much?

Here is a new listing, such a pretty garden gate

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #13


Lovely sunny day with copeable temperature!! No excuse for not working!!! Garden this afternoon to see what damage the rain has done and get the grass cut.##

(Cariad Crafts) #14

Another lovely sunny day :sunny:

Hope everyone ok, feels very lonely here!!!

Here is another from me

no garden complete without butterflies
Carol xx

(Judith Eddington) #15

Collage made from vintage papers

(Stephanie Short) #16

Hi Carol @cariadcrafts11 and card and paper listers.
Sorry but I’m still here, just been really busy with baking and custom orders and I’m still hobbling so not as fast…:tired_face:
Loving your work Judith @paperise x

Just a relist. From me today and I’ll try and be a better lister next week!
Carol @cariadcrafts11 do you still want me to start the new thread tomorrow??

Have a lovely Sunday steph x

(Stephanie Short) #17

Just popping back to say promoted this thread on my FB page

(Judith Eddington) #18

Thank you!

(Cariad Crafts) #19


Yes please Steph @stephshortstationery that would be a great help - but have you the time? don’t want to put too much on you but if you can YES!!!

Welcome Judith @paperise -v unusual work and v pretty

and thanks Steph for promoting on your FB page - looks fab

More cakes to enjoy in the garden

Carol xx

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and this lovely sunshine

(Thecardjeanie) #20

Gardening themed card from me today…

Jeanie x