Folksy Ltd

Christmas Fair Mortimer St Johns School, Berkshire

(Rowena Bourne21) #1

We are looking for Stallholders for our Christmas Fair and Indoor Table Top Sale
Saturday 29th November
2pm – 4pm
at Mortimer St. John‘s Infant School

Call Rowena on 07867 804441 or for more information or to be a seller. Tables cost £10!

We are having Christmas gift stall holders in the hall, and combining this with a table top sale in the classrooms to increase foot fall, this worked well last year ! We are looking for a range of stall holders but Children related gifts or crafts to do on the day would be fabulous !

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #2

What a shame I am away the weekend of the 29th as Mortimer is only about 20 minutes from me !!!

(Jacqueline Austen) #3

I hope it goes really well, Rowena. I would have come, but I am already booked in at a fair on that day.

Fingers crossed for lots of shoppers with full purses!

Jacqueline x

(Ali Joyce) #4

I would have loved to have had a table, but I’m already booked in for a fair that day - good luck with it. I really enjoy school fairs - friendly and then lots of money for the PTA!!

Good luck!