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Christmas Gift ideas for Her

We have a range of gift ideas the woman in your life will love this Christmas. Whether she loves Baking, Gardening, the Seaside, Christmas or being loved, our illustrated posters make great gifts.

If she is into knitting I have Yarn Bowls.
This functional, chunky and highly decorative yarn bowl is turned from beautifully figured and spalted horse chestnut. It is 204mm in diameter and stands 96mm tall. The ball of yarn stays in the bowl and the end feeds out of the stylish aperture so that the user can knit or crochet without constantly pausing to pull more yarn from the ball. After turning, the bowl was sanded smooth and finished with beeswax, ensuring that the wool feeds smoothly and does not catch on the wood. Spalting results from a form of fungus which often develops in horse chestnut and other woods after the tree has fallen over and is lying on the ground. Once the wood has been dried, however, the process is halted and the result is a beautiful natural, decorative effect which is entirely stable. One of nature’s little bonuses!

or if she likes sewing or embroidery. Pincushions or Pin Boxes
A pin cushion in Royal Stewart Tartan set into a sturdy bowl turned from beautifully figured sweet chestnut. The total diameter of the pincushion is 132mm at its widest part and it stands 66mm tall (not including the height of the pins). The bowl has been finished with beeswax and polished to a soft sheen.

Stylish needle holder made from cherry wood which has beautiful grain features all around it, the push fit lid has a rubber seal to ensure it stays nice and snug and a decorative burn ring masks the join. It measures 100mm tall and is 44 mm at its widest point, internal depth is 70mm max. After sanding the box has been finished on the inside and outside with beeswax and buffed to a soft sheen.

Notecards lots of other designs in my shop

I have so many items that I could show you, but I will just show you a couple of items if that is okay? My shop ranges in price for all budgets

Jacqueline x

An Amethyst and Purple Jasper Pendant

Lots of gifts for her in my shop:

A rather cute cat print.

A pretty bird!

A cute little cotton mouse.

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Just one of my many items.

Lots of ‘for her’ gifts in my shop, this is just one

Most of my shop I think lol!!!

A Gemstone, Swarovski and Sterling Silver necklace and earrings set - beautifully boxed, so takes the strain out of buying a gift:

Or take a look at my shop for a range of items for price ranges from stocking filler to a gift for someone special:

Hi, 2 ideas for girly presents. :gift:
Fill this little wooden heart box with chocolates, sweeties or extra special goodies.
For the smaller girls give a personalised baking set - add some playdoh tubs or a packet of cake mix to give lovely practical gift.

A lovely unique gift

One-of-a-kind scarf in lovely and luxurious materials.

Another hand knitted scarf in elegant pattern and yarn.


How about a lovely pearl necklace to wear Christmas day or New Year’s eve
I have more for sale in my Folky shop.