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Christmas Gifts made easier!

Just started putting my best Gift Ideas in groups to make it easier ,and themed.

I’ve got a few Christmas Fairs coming up ,so this also helps me decide what to take …Please feel free to browse my shop for these items or just msg me .

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Nearly time for the snowmen to put in another appearance…

from artmagic.

I have a hand made Christmas card

I have some Christmas tea towels

Donna x

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Fun and festive earrings! A quirky gift that will certainly brighten up the office :slight_smile:


Snowman earrings :snowman:️ I have a pendant and earring set available too

A holly leaf pendant…

Santa’s Magic keys, other designs available.

Christmas Star Decorations going in the shop soon!!:evergreen_tree:

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Christmas themed food picks - cupcakes, christmas buffet, festive food gifts!

Christmas themed brooches and little heart hanging decorations.

They’ll even be gift wrapped for you!



3 gift sets listed now!

All our individual items make great gifts as well - especially the lavender bath salts!