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Craftjuice - November 2016

add your craftjuice links here and share the love .

I’m really going to try and go the distance this month :slight_smile:

All up to date with voting and have listed one

Good morning all,
I though I might give craftjuice another go :grin: I’ve voted to here

Donna x

What is craftjuice? I’ve looked at the links but don’t understand how it works!

Voted and listed

here you go @AlphaUnique slight_smile: copied an old one of my explanations, facebook is not so good as it used to be as twitter has taken over

Craftjuice is, a free to use site where you can share your work, the SEO is good on craftjuice so you can help to promote your shop and it all links back to your Folksy shop. By voting for others on craftjuce you also help to spread the word about Folksy as they have a lot of followers on twitter and a facebook page where your work gets shown.

To fnd out more about joining craft juice click on anyones link and go to the ‘about’ section which you will find right at the bottom of the page. To join click on the ‘submit’ button in the menu bar (it does take a few days for your application to be processed)

ps I’m not anything to do with Craftjuice I just think it’s a fab site for helping with promotion! and it’s free! :smile:

Don’t forget to click each link in the posts in this thread to vote for each other’s items and don’t forget to put your Craftjuce link in your own posts so we can all vote for each other’s items.


Good morning

Voted and listed.

Voted up to date and listed another brooch

Voted and submitted a new Bib

Donna x

Voted to here.

Nothing new from me today… :slight_smile:

3 new ones today, off to vote now

Listed and voting

Listed and voted for you all

Voted to here

Voting and listing

Listed and voted

Voted and Submitted

voted and added this one

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all voted and listed