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Do you have any blues?

We are having a Blues day today! Come and add your makes!

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Have quite a few blues, but unfortunately I don’t do FB, had too many problems with it in the past.
Hope you have a good blue day.
Lynn :slight_smile:


Yes! I will be there I have lots of blues!
Rosalind x

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I’ve already added my blue felt notebook cover

There are some lovely items on there…well worth a look through them!

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Liked and posted, sorry I may have been greedy and addedmore than I was meant to.

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Thanks Dottie!
Will do! X

Added the card I listed on Facebook only yesterday, lots of lovely things on show today :slight_smile:

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Added one of my bookmarks


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Have shared something for you anyway! Might bring some shoppers your way :slight_smile:

Popped you on just now, you are getting a lot of likes!

You are scheduled to go on it a bit!

You’re on!

Looking for you!

Just popped you on!

You’re on! nbvnbvnbvnbv post was too similar to other - what’s that all about lol!



Hi Dottie Thank you! Have I missed something? What is nbvnbvnbvnbv??
Rosalind x

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@MyfanwysMiscellany It wouldn’t let me post my post as it said it was too similar to what I had posted already in the thread so I added jgjhjhgjhjhgjg for a bit of texture and difference lol!

Lovely! Can you add it onto the fb page please :slight_smile:

Thank you Susan @dottiedesigns, I really missed your page over the summer :smile:

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