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Do you have any Gifts for Geeks ideas?

We’re looking for suggestions for the Gifts for Geeks guide.

We’re open to suggestions so please post your ideas here!
This is what the guide looks like at the moment but it could do with refreshing…


Hi @folksycontent, I don’t have anything in my shop but my husband has hand turned pens and pocket watches in his shop

Hope this is allowed, only he doesn’t have time to use the forums x

Not too sure what constitutes a geek gift to be honest but how about one of my mini-monsters?? They seem to appeal to all ages and all types!!

And maybe for those camper van geeks out there….

Think this might fit the bill

If they play violin, they may like this trinket box:

For sci-fi geeks…

Little robot necklace, perfect for anyone but especially geeks!

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Socket fabric iPad sleeves :smile:

My custom comic book frames or letters are perfect for any super hero geek!

Just about anything from my shop would do the trick, I do calligraphy pieces of quotes that are almost all for geeks (adventure time, the space race, Neil Gaiman etc.)

I tag my space invaders card with geek and it gets views from that!

Chemistry geeks love these