Folksy Ltd many are too many!

(Helen Dale) #1

We Have a new neighbour in the rented semi attached to us. They have somewhere between 7-10 dogs which seem to live largely in their conservatory. Don’t get me wrong…I’m a huge dog fan, we have two of our own and they are known to have the occasional bark at the postman. But that’s nothing compared to 7 dogs kicking off every couple of hours or every time we let our dogs out into the garden. We moved to our ‘ideal’ rural house about 2 years ago for the peace and quiet and feel so disappointed that I seem to live next door to a boarding kennels. I just can’t understand why anyone would want to live with 7 barky dogs. We’re two weeks in with the new neighbours and already mooching right move. If only we could afford a detached! Ho hum! So, anyone out there have 7 dogs and want to try and convince me that my neighbours really aren’t that bad!?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’m with you - 7 barky dogs is too many unless they need them for work. 7 dogs in a conservatory doesn’t sound ideal for the dogs either - do they get walked regularly and look in good condition?

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( Carol ) #3

My neighbour when I lived with my parents had 5 dogs but they were so well looked after. They were all agility trained, all won numerous competitions and they very rarely barked.

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(Helen Smith) #4

One dog is too many if it’s a cocker spaniel with attachment issues (just been listening to it whine and whimper and whinge…) I can’t even begin to think how bad 7 would be.

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(Jan Ryan) #5

I once had a neighbour who had 2 dogs, one was fine but the little terrier had issues. When she went to work the little dog started barking, every ten minutes or so it would have a 10 minute break then start again. I knew to the minute when my neighbour left the house and when she returned. Obviously she didn’t know this because when she was home the dog was fine, I had a quiet word to let her know, she tried a few different things, toys, popping home at lunchtime etc, she was very good about it but it was just a barky rescue dog with separation issues. she eventually had the dog re-homed with a couple who were home all day. I feel your pain, I hope it can be resolved.

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(Susannah Ayre) #6

If the noise is really a problem then I wouldn’t keep quiet about it. There’s no need for it.
I suffer from Misophonia and I had to move house a few months ago because of new neighbours who moved in upstairs. Before they moved in it used to be a holiday flat and if the people were noisy at least it meant they weren’t staying more than a week, and there were many weeks of the year when no one was staying there at all- but when another couple bought it I couldn’t bare it. The noise they made wasn’t during acceptable hours and as we rented our flat we felt it was just easier to move than to get into anything. But really- we should have said something because they made my life miserable- and they had a dog that was clearly lonely when they went out and it would just bark constantly until they came home.
I learned my lesson though- and regardless of renting I will say something if noise becomes a problem again (fortunately my new house is a flat and I’m in the middle floor but it’s so quiet it amazes me!!) but I would start by saying something to them if you haven’t already. They may just not be aware that it’s bothering anyone!
Then if it doesn’t get better I would find a way to speak to the person/company they rent from.
Then if all else fails and it’s still horrible to live with I would take it further.

I hope you have some sort of fix soon- I know how awful it is.

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(Rachel) #7

I have two dogs if my dogs were barking when I went out I would want to know. I do hope your unhappiness can be resolved but like others I would like to express my concern about so many dogs in a conservatory.

(GiftsWithGlitz) #8

Goodness I have a cockapoo with separation anxiety I hope he doesn’t bark constantly when I’m out no one has ever said anything. There is a dog at the back of my house which is often in its garden barking and that’s enough to drive me mad never mind 7!

(Helen Dale) #9

The dogs aren’t barking when they are out. Which word be Ok since we’re usually out too. They bark most when the owners are in, which is why it’s all so baffling! how do they cope!

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #10

I feel your pain we live in a ground floor flat, the lady living above us has two dogs but they’re not trained at all and the little one barks at everything! The postman, the bin men, if I let my dog outside, if I open a window, when a bus goes past, anyone who walks past the drive (its about 30ft long and yet he’s still yapping!)…

It’s not just the barking either, our flat is privately rented and has a huge garden which attracted us to the property (we have a dog and wanted the outside space for him) but upstairs is a council property and the council so kindly installed laminate flooring so that I can live with the scrabbling of his claws on the flooring every time he decides to “defend” the flat. They have no access to outside space so to be honest I think the dogs are just bored out of their brains.

I swear our dog rolls his eyes when theirs starts! We can’t wait to move into a house where nobody lives above us!

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(TandMArtsandCrafts) #11

Can you not find out who they rent it thru and complain, you might find they are not actually supposed to have that many dogs in their agreement??
7 dogs in a conservatory sounds horrific especially if they are medium to large dogs!!

(Rachel) #12

Could you have a quiet word with either them or your local council. The whole situation does not sound fair on the dogs or the humans.

(Joy Salt) #13

7 dogs is tooooo many unless you live in total isolation.
I’m rather surprised if they are renting that they are allowed so many. We have / own a rented house and have to give approval, by number. We would never allow more than 2. I would have a word with the letting agency and council if that has no good result,.

PS I love dogs